Upcoming Performance Improvements


What is Workfront doing to address the slowness within the application? 

Understanding the Issue

We understand that when our performance suffers, you suffer. Workfront’s performance and reliability are key to your business’ success and are core for us to continue delivering our application’s value to you.

We are aware of the ways these issues are impacting your organization. We’ve built better ways to analyze our traffic and our application’s performance at a deeper level. What we’ve found is that there are changes that we need to make that cannot be addressed in a single patch or defect.

Understanding the Intended Resolution

The nature of these improvements requires global changes to our application, which will affect multiple areas, and will require lengthy technical investigation, implementation, and rigorous testing.

Originally, we attempted to address these reports on a case-by-case basis. However, we owe it to you to do this the right way. Refocusing on the core issues will allow us to better serve all of our customers.

Going forward, we will treat reports of performance with the same priority and attention to detail as we have in the past. However, if your particular case falls within the scope of our larger more extensive improvements, your issue may not be resolved via defect but rather through the improvements above.

Ongoing Communication around This Issue

Our intent is not to keep you in the dark. Transparency and honesty will continue to be our goal when communicating updates regarding these issues. As this is a high-level architectural change, communication will no longer be carried forward on individual support tickets. Rather, this article will serve as a central location where information on the roadmap that addresses these architectural change can be housed and maintained. This article will be a living document as the resolution moves forward. Check back here to view updates pertaining to the improvements that are made in this area.

 Audited 6/13/2018

This article last updated on 2018-06-13 19:13:03 UTC