Proof Security in Workfront Proof

Data security is paramount for Workfront Proof. We invest significant resources to keep our security infrastructure updated and current.

As a result, we provide unsurpassed levels of security and privacy for our clients.

Please see the "Security overview" page for more details.

Requiring Electronic Signatures

For information about configuring electronic signatures, see "Electronic signatures."

Requiring Login

One of the advantages of Workfront Proof is the option to allow anyone to review a proof, not only people with a Workfront Proof license. Recipients receive an email with a Personal URL that takes them straight to the proof page, without requiring them to log in to Workfront Proof.

However, if you require higher levels of security for your review and approval process, you can require users to log in before accessing a proof. This forces the recipient to enter their email and password before accessing the proof. This means that only Workfront Proof users (colleagues or members) can be added to the proof.

NOTE Consider the following when requiring login:

  • In order for someone to sign in to the proof (when the option to require login has been enabled), they must have been added to the proof.
  • If the option to require login is enabled, Subscriptions cannot be enabled.

You can require login by modifying your personal proof settings, as described in "Proof settings."

Disabling File Downloads

By default, reviewers can download the original file from which the proof was created. If you disable this setting, reviewers on the proof cannot download the original file.

The settings saved in your personal settings are applied to all proofs created by you, but they can be overridden when creating a new proof or when modifying a proof, as described in "Managing Proofs."

You can disable file downloads by modifying your personal proof settings, as described in "Proof settings."

This article last updated on 2018-12-05 01:08:51 UTC