FAQ - Creating and sharing proofs and files

What is a proof? 


A proof is a static, audio, or video file that is available for review in the Proofing Viewer. Reviewers added to a proof have a set of tools available to them to make comments and decisions on the proof. 

What file types are supported?


Proofs can be created from static, audio, and video files. There is no size limit, but we do recommend uploading files no larger than 4GB. Workfront supports over 150 file types (see "Supported Proofing File Types" for a full list).

What is the difference between a proof and a file?


When you upload a file to Workfront Proof, the system stores the file in your Workfront Proof account. When you share it, Workfront Proof emails your recipients a link that they can click to download the file. You can share any file type you want.

When you create a proof from a file you have uploaded to Workfront Proof, you can make the file available for review in the Proofing Viewer. Reviewers receive an email with a link to the proof. When they open the proof, they see the proof image and can add comments and make decisions on it. You can create proofs using files from the list of supported file types. You can also create proofs using URLs for websites and other web content.

For a full list of supported file types, see "Supported Proofing File Types." 

How do I create a proof?


You can create proofs from static files, audio files, video files, and URLs (see "Generating Proofs in Workfront").

To create a proof in the account, you need to be a user with the right permission profile (see "Proof Permissions Profiles in Workfront Proof"). 

If you upload multiple files at the same time, you create multiple proofs that you can send to the same group of reviewers using one email. If your organization has an Enterprise or Unlimited account, you can combine files into a single proof (see "Creating a Multi-Paged Proof").

What are proof roles and email alerts?


Proof roles define what actions a reviewer needs to take on a proof. There are different role options you can use for reviewers when you create a proof, depending on whether you want them to be able to make comments, make decisions, and so on. For more information, see "Managing Proof Roles in Workfront Proof."

Email alerts update reviewers on a proof's progress (they are different from new proof and late proof notifications). You can select different options for different reviewers, depending on each reviewer’s role on the proof. For more information, see the section "Configuring Settings for Users Added to the Proof" in the article "Configuring Proofs in Workfront."

Can I create a proof from multiple files?


Combining multiple files into a single proof is a feature available on Enterprise and Unlimited edition plans. This option is possible only for static files, not for video files. For more information, see "Creating a Multi-Paged Proof."

Can I create proofs from URLs?


Yes, you can create proofs from websites and other web content. When you add a URL to create a proof, you can specify whether you want a static proof or an interactive proof:

  • In an interactive proof, reviewers can navigate and interact as they normally would with the website or other web content such as ads with streaming video or audio, Flash elements in an ad, HTML animations, and interactive banners. For more information, see "Generating a Proof for a Website or Other Web Content" in "Generating Proofs in Workfront."
  • For a static proof, Workfront takes a set a screenshots of the pages and subpages you specify. Hyperlinks are live in the proof, so you can test whether or not they lead to the correct destination. For more information, see "Creating a Static Website Proof."

You can add multiple URLs at once if you separate them with a space. Note that combining is only available on Enterprise and Unlimited edition plans.

Can people who don’t have a login create proofs in my account?


You need login credentials to create proofs directly in a Workfront Proof account.

What does sharing a proof mean?


Sharing a proof gives reviewers access to it so that they can add comments and markups and make decisions on it. Guest reviewers access proofs from the email notification they receive. Reviewers with their own Workfront Proof account can access proofs on the Dashboard. 

How do I share a proof?


When you are creating a proof, you can add reviewers in the Workflow section of the New Proof page. When the proof is ready, Workfront Proof sends an email to the reviewers containing a link to the proof.

If you have sufficient rights on a proof, you can use the Proofing Viewer, your Dashboard, or any of the list views to add reviewers to an existing proof (see "Sharing Proofs," "The Dashboard" and "Managing Items on the Views Page in Workfront Proof").

Adding reviewers is the most common way to share proofs. If you’d like to explore other available options, see "Sharing Proof Links," Sharing the Public URL," Subscribing to a Proof in Workfront Proof," and Creating a Miniproof in Workfront Proof.

Do you have to be a user to review a proof?


No. Guest reviewers (people without Workfront Proof login credentials) can access a proof from the proof email notification they receive. You can share a proof with as many guests as you want.

It is possible to restrict sharing proofs to people with Workfront Proof login credentials. This adds another layer of security to your proofs. For enhanced security, system administrators of organizations with Enterprise and Unlimited plans can configure this requirement for all proofs created in the organization.

For more information about requiring login, see "Proof Security in Workfront Proof." ** Add new info about this when it comes in 18.3 beta 5. 

If you have your organization require reviewers to sign proofs electronically, which requires logging into Workfront Proof, users can share proofs only with registered users. This is available on Enterprise and Unlimited edition plans. For more information, see "Understanding Electronic Signatures in Workfront Proof."

Can I set a deadline for my reviewers?


You can set a deadline for a new proof or a new proof version when you are creating the proof. You do this in the Workflow section of the New Proof page. If you use Automated Workflow, you can set a different deadline for each stage of your review. For more information, see "Setting Deadlines for a Proof."

You can also set or update a deadline for an existing proof using the Proof Details page. For more information, see Managing Proof Details in Workfront Proof.

How can I create a new version of my proof?


Reviewers often request changes in their comments on a proof and would like to see a new version of the proof. You can create new versions of a proof. Workfront remembers the proof's settings from the previous version. You can still edit these settings if you need to do something like adding or removing reviewers for the proof.

You must share each version with the specific reviewers who need to view it. For example, if you share only version 3 with a reviewer, that person can't see versions 1 and 2. Supervisors and Administrators in your account oversee all projects in the account, so they can see and edit all versions of the proof.

For more information, see "Creating a New Version of a Proof ."

Can I share files using Workfront Proof?


Yes. If you want to share something with other people, but you don't need them to view it as a proof (or if it’s a file type that’s not supported by Workfront Proof), you can upload it as a file to your Workfront Proof account. Like it is with proofs, you can organize your files into folders, tag files, and add a custom message to the notification email when you share the file. For more information, see "Uploading Files and Web Content to Workfront Proof."

When your recipients receive the email notification about a file you are sharing, they can download the file by clicking the link in the notification.

Workfront Proof users can convert files into proofs after saving them in their account.

This article last updated on 2019-03-01 22:09:34 UTC