FAQ - Creating and sharing proofs and files

What is a proof?

In Workfront Proof, a proof is a static, audio, or video file that is available for review in the Proof Viewer. Reviewers added to a proof have a set of tools available to them to make comments and decisions. Proofs can be created from over 150 file types that are currently supported.

What file types are supported?

Proofs can be created from different static, audio, and video files. There is no size limit, but we do recommend uploading files no larger than 4GB. We support over 150 different file types, full list is available here.

What is the difference between a proof and a file?

Sharing files works a lot like an FTP server - the file is stored in your Workfront Proof account, and people that you shared the file with can download it by clicking on a link in the email they received. You can share any file type you want.

Sharing proofs means that the file will be available for review in the Proof Viewer. Reviewers will receive an email with a link to open the proof, and when they access it they will see the proof image and will be able to add comments and make decisions on the proof. You can create proofs using files from the list of supported file types.

How do I create a proof?

Proofs can be created from static files, audio files, video files, SWFs, and URLs.

To create a proof in the account, you need to be a user with the right permission profile. To begin, click on the New proof button located in the top left corner of the page and then follow the instructions from this page. If you upload multiple files at the same time you will create multiple proofs that will be sent to the same group of reviewers. Reviewers will then receive only one email with multiple proof links. Users in Enterprise and Unlimited accounts can combine files into a single proof.

What are proof roles and email alerts?

Proof roles define what actions a reviewer needs to take on a proof. There are different options available, depending if you want them to be able to make comments, make decisions, etc. Please take a look here for more information.

Email alerts keep your reviewers updated on the progress of the proof. They are separate to the new proof and late proof notifications and depending on what each reviewer’s role is on the proof, you will want to select different options for them. Please take a look here for more details.

Can I create a proof from multiple files?

Combining files into a single proof is a feature available on Enterprise and Unlimited edition plans, it allows you to create one proof from multiple files. Please note that this is only possible for static files, it’s not possible to combine videos or SWFs. Combining files is described in detail here

Can I create proofs from URLs?

Yes, Workfront Proof allows you to create proofs from web pages. When you put in the URL of the page in the upload section of the new proof page, we will go to that page, take a snapshot and create a proof. Any hyperlinks on that page will be live in the proof, so you can test if they lead to the correct destination.

If you would like to proof the whole site, you can combine multiple URLs into a single proof by adding them into the share list. You can add all of them in one go, just make sure that they are separated with a space. Note that combining is only available on Enterprise and Unlimited edition plans.

Can people who don’t have a login create proofs in my account?

You need to have a login to be able to create proofs directly in a Workfront Proof account. The Dropzone (an Enterprise and Unlimited feature) allows people from outside your organization to drop their proofs into a folder in your account without having to register them as users. To find out more about the Dropzone, please take a look here

What does sharing a proof mean?

Sharing a proof means giving reviewers access to the proof created in the account so that they can add comments, markups, and make decisions on that proof. Guest reviewers access proofs from the email notification they receive. Users have their own Workfront Proof dashboards, so they can access the proofs from there.

How do I share a proof?

When you first create a proof, you can add reviewers in the share section of the new proof page. When the proof is ready, email notifications will be sent to the reviewers who can then access the proof by clicking on the Go to proof link.

Adding reviewers is also possible after the proof has been created. You can add people right from the Proof Viewer, from your Dashboard or any of the list views in the account. Note that you need to have sufficient rights on the proof to be able to do that.

Adding reviewers is the most commonly used way of sharing proofs. If you’d like to explore other available options, please take a look at proof links, proof URL, subscriptions, mini proof.

Do you have to be a user to review a proof?

No, guest reviewers (people without Workfront Proof logins) can access their proofs from the email notifications they receive. You can work with as many guests as you want, there is no restriction to the number of guest you can share proofs with.

It is possible to restrict your proofs so that they can only be shared with people with Workfront Proof logins. Login required adds another layer of security to your proofs, it’s described in more detail here. For enhanced security, Administrators of Unlimited accounts can mandate this setting to be applied to all proofs created in the account.

If you require your proofs to be electronically signed, you will be only able to share your proofs with registered users - in order to save the decision on a proof, reviewer will have to log in. Electronic signatures are described here and are available on Enterprise and Unlimited edition plans.

Can I set a deadline for my reviewers?

Yes, a deadline can be set when you create the proof as well as after the proof has been created. Deadline is set in the share section of the new proof page (for a new proof or version). If you are using Automated Workflow, you can set a different deadline for each stage of your review.

If you want to set or update a deadline for an existing proof, you can do it in the proof details page. Please take a look at this help page for details on deadlines.

How can I create a new version of my proof?

Very often your reviewers request changes in their comments and would like to see a new version of the proof. It’s really easy to create new versions in Workfront Proof, easier than creating a new proof because the system remembers the settings from the previous version. You can still edit them if you want to, for example if you need to include additional people or remove someone from the list of reviewers.

Each version needs to be specifically shared with reviewers for them to be able to see it. For example, if you only share version 3 with a reviewer, they won’t be able to see versions 1 and 2. Supervisors and Administrators in your account oversee all projects in the account, so they can see and edit all versions of the proof.

Creating versions is described in detail here.

Is there a faster way of uploading large files to Workfront Proof?

If you're proofing large files, for example videos, you may want to consider using the Desktop Uploader. It’s a standalone application that you install on your computer. Because it’s completely separate from your browser, you can have it work in the background while you continue to work on other things. If you want to give it a try, please use the link available here.

Can I share files using Workfront Proof?

Yes, you can use Workfront Proof to share files with others. If you want to share something with other people but there is no need for them to view it as a proof (or if it’s a file type that’s not supported by Workfront Proof) you can upload it as a file to your Workfront Proof account. Same as with proofs, you can add a custom message to the email with the file, you can organize your files into folders and you can tag them.

Uploaded files can be downloaded by clicking on the link in the email notification.

Workfront Proof users can convert files into proofs after the file has been saved in the account. Uploading files is described here

This article last updated on 2018-06-03 21:09:25 UTC