Maintenance Update on November 20, 2017

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on November 20, 2017:

Ref # Name Application Area
19677522 2017.3 Resource Planning: View by Role. Incorrect AVL hours Resource Management
18162725 Can't login to Help - "OR" doesn't work in API but works in report Report Results, Lists
19675447 Cannot assign user to tasks via staffing tool, unless user is already on the project staffing team Resource Scheduling
19612357 Database Error Due to Invalid SQL Statement - When Editing Project Custom Form Custom Data
19390579 Email isn't linking to the correct Workfront object Email Processing
19683117 Error Editing Billing Record - "Whoops! Something went wrong." Finance & Currency
19678294 Exporting Utilization does not keep the filters Project Utilization Report
19413666 The schedule tool under people the tool will lock up and crash. Resource Scheduling
19390572 When clicking on notification link for comments on Expense items link directs to wrong page Notifications
19682549 New Utilization Report Latency Project Utilization Report
19682180 Newly Created Iterations are not Displayed in the All Iterations List Agile
19667839 Preview: Scheduling Tool - Select Tasks - Not Identifying any Tasks Resource Scheduling
19677043 Project Utilization Report/Tab - Incorrect Unallocated Hours Project Utilization Report
19680309 Reordering Tasks on Agile Backlog Broken Agile
19610662 Report displays No Data when browser language is Dutch Report Results
19404297 Scheduled report report not displaying all reports Report Builder
19676526 Templated expenses units get set to 0 when creating projects Templates
19680098 URL Error when Opening Proof from My Approvals section Proofing in WF
19678478 Unable to Assign Users through Scheduling Tool Resource Scheduling
19658790 Whoops error when copying layout templates in Preview / Production Layout Templates
19682263 Workflow is not loading in Firefox (Windows 7) & IE Proof: Automated Workflow
This article last updated on 2017-11-21 15:12:34 UTC