Updating Information in the Gantt Chart

The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.


Understanding Updates in the Gantt Chart

In addition to having a visual representation of the timeline of the project, you can also edit your project information in the Gantt chart. 

NOTE You can update information using the Gantt chart only on a task list inside of a project. 
You cannot edit projects or tasks that are displayed in a Gantt chart inside a report. 
For more information about where you can access the Gantt chart in Workfront, see "Accessing the Gantt Chart."

You can edit task information either in the task list, or the Gantt chart when viewing the tasks in the Gantt chart:

  • Using the task list, you can perform the following actions:
    • Add and remove tasks in a project
    • Update task information by inline editing the tasks
      For more information about inline editing objects, see "Inline Editing Objects."
    • Change the structure of your project by reordering, outdenting, or indenting tasks
    • Update the predecessor relationships between the tasks
  • Using the Gantt chart, you can perform the following actions:
    • Add or remove predecessor relationships between tasks
    • Update the percent complete on the tasks
    • Modify the duration of tasks
    • Change the start and end dates of tasks
    • Level your resources for the project

IMPORTANT You must have permission to at least Contribute to the tasks you want to update on the project before you can update them in the task list or the Gantt chart. 
For more information about task permissions, see "Understanding Task Permissions."

Updating Information Using the Gantt Chart

You can update task information in a project when applying the Gantt chart to the project. 

To access the Gantt chart in a project and to make updates to the project using the Gantt chart: 

  1. Navigate to a project for which you want to manage the timeline.
  2. Click the Gantt chart icon.
    The Gantt chart displays to the right of the task list. 
    NOTE Any information you edit in the task list updates immediately in the system.
  3. (Optional) To rearrange the tasks in the project, select a task in the task list, drag and drop it in the correct spot.
  4. (Optional) To indent a task, right-click on the task, and click Indent Task.
  5. (Optional) To outdent a task, right-click on the task, and click Outdent Task.
  6. (Optional) You can update any inline editable fields that display in the task list. The fields display according to what View you select for your task list. 
    By default, the Standard View displays and you can update the following fields in the task list: 
    • Name of the task
    • Assignments
    • Duration
    • Planned Hours
    • Predecessors: Enter the number of a predecessor you want to select for a task. 
    • Planned Start Date
    • Planned Completion Date
    • Percent Complete
      NOTE The ability to edit the Duration, Planned Hours, Planned Start Date, and Completion Date of the tasks depends on the Task Constraint and Duration Type. Not all Task Constraints and Duration Types allow for these fields to be edited.
      For more information about Task Constraint, see "Task Constraint Overview."

      For more information about Task Duration Type, see "Understanding Information Displayed in the Gantt Chart."

  7. (Optional) Click the Options icon to enable the fields that you want to display in the Gantt chart. Only the fields that are enabled can be modified in the Gantt chart.
    For more information about what fields you can display in the Gantt chart, see "Configuring How Information Is Displayed on the Gantt Chart."
  8. (Optional) Click the Edit icon to display the Gantt chart in edit mode.
    NOTE You must have Manage permissions to all the tasks in the project to see the Edit icon.
    After enabling the edit mode, you can modify information on tasks in the Gantt chart.
    NOTE You cannot update information in the task list when the Gantt chart displays in edit mode. You can only update information in the Gantt chart and the updates you make to the tasks in edit mode are not saved immediately. 
  9. (Optional and Conditional) If you have clicked the Edit icon, make any of the following changes to your project:
    • Click the start point of a task and drag it to the end point of task to create a predecessor relationship. 
    • Click a predecessor line that connects two tasks to select it, then click Delete on your keyboard to remove the predecessor relationship. 
    • Mouse over the timeline of a task and drag the timeline indicator to a different date to modify the duration of the task. Drop the indicator when you have reached the correct new Completion Date for the task. 
    • Mouse over the task and locate the multi-directional arrow. Click and drag the task to change the start and end dates. When you have reached the desired date, click Save.

      NOTE If the task has the Start No Earlier Than constraint, you cannot move the start date earlier than the task constraint allows; this also applies to tasks with predecessor relationships with the Start No Earlier Than constraint. 
      If the task has any of the following constraints, the system updates the Task Constraint to Start No Earlier Than if the project is scheduled from the Start Date or Finish No Later Than if the project is scheduled from the Completion Date:

      • As Soon As Possible
      • As Late As Possible
      • Earliest Available Time
      • Latest Available Time
    • Click the Resource Leveling drop-down menu, and select one of the following options:
      • Level Now
      • Clear Leveling
        For more information about leveling resource in the Gantt chart, see "Resource Leveling."
    • (Conditional) If you have enabled the option to display the percent complete in the Gantt chart, click inside the percent complete field, and adjust the percent complete value on the task, then click Enter on your keyboard. 
  10. (Optional) Click the Undo Change icon if you want to cancel any of the changes you have made so far. 
  11. (Optional) Click the Redo Change icon if you want to apply the change you have just canceled.
  12. Click Save to confirm the changes you made to tasks in the Gantt chart. 
  13. (Optional) Click the X next to the Save icon to exit edit mode in the Gantt chart. 

Understanding Information Displayed in the Gantt Chart

For more information about what fields you can display in the Gantt chart, see "Configuring How Information Is Displayed on the Gantt Chart." 


KEEP THIS: continue to edit the steps for modifying information in Gantt until all editing abilities have been released in Gantt.

This article last updated on 2018-03-23 16:37:16 UTC