Login and password

Log In

To log into your Workfront Proof account, go to the login page (or go to our website - and click the login button at the top right):

  • Enter your email (1)
  • Enter your password (2)
  • If you'd like to stay logged in (without your session timing-out after 30 minutes of inactivity), select the Keep me logged in tick box (3)
  • Click Login (4)
  • If you've forgotten your password, click the link next to Forgot password? (Also see Forgot your password) (5)
  • If you don't have a Workfront Proof account, you can create one from here (6)

You can also set up personalized branding on the Log in page - see Branding and Advanced branding (available on Enterprise and Unlimited edition plans).

Log out

To log out of Workfront Proof:

  • Click Log out at the top right of the web app (1)

The Logged out window will then appear (you can log back in again from here if you wish). You can also set up personalized branding on the Log out page - please see Branding and Advanced branding (available on Enterprise and Unlimited edition plans).

Single Sign-On

We now offer Single Sign-On (SSO) capability which allows you to use your existing organization's username and password to access your Workfront Proof account.

Please see our Single Sign-On help page for more information.

NOTE Singe Sign-On is available on Enterprise and Unlimited plans.

Forgot your password

If you forgot your password, you can request a reset email to be sent to your primary email address. Simply go to your login page and click on the Forgot your password link.


Changing your password

Every user can change their password right from their dashboard, all they need to do is click on the Change your password button right in the center of the screen. If there are any specific password requirements set in the account, they will be displayed at the top of the reset page.


Advanced password settings

Advanced password settings allow you to set specific password requirements for your users to enhance the security of your data. Typically these settings would be in line with the IT and security policies in your organization. If you're not sure what there requirements are, please consult the relevant department of your company

The available settings are:

  • Minimum password length
  • Character mix (small letters, capital letters, numbers and symbols)
  • Maximum characters repetition
  • Automatic password ageing
  • Number of password repetitions not allowed
  • Profile lockout (after unsuccessful login attempts)
  • Lock user if password not reset after 30 days
  • Lock user if inactive for 120 days
  • Change password after first login

Lock user if password not reset after 30 days -this setting automatically locks (deactivates) a user profile if their initial password was not changed within 30 days.

Lock user account if inactive for 120 days - this setting automatically locks (deactivates) a user profile if there was no login activity in the last 120 days. Entering credentials on a Login required proofs is also counted as login activity which resets the counter.

The configuration of Advanced password settings is described in detail on the Advanced password settings configuration page.

Advanced password settings are only available on Select and Premium plans.

Changing your primary email address

Your primary email address is the email Workfront Proof will be sending the proof notifications to, but more importantly, it also serves as your Workfront Proof login. Every user has the ability to change their own email address in their Personal settings.

The Primary email address field is located in the Details tab of your Personal settings. To change your email address, simply edit this field and put in your new email. When you save, Workfront Proof will send you a validation email to the new email address. As soon as you click the confirmation link in the email, the email change will be saved in your profile.


This article last updated on 2018-04-10 15:20:25 UTC