Release 16.10 - 1 June 2016

ProofHQ Manager

At Risk notifications enhancements

We have added more control to the At Risk functionality. Now, you can enable/disable the notifications for all the recipients in your account with one click in your Account Settings (this includes notifications for the Guest reviewers as well).


Users with higher permissions (Supervisors, Administrators) can now track the basic proofs statistics in the Analytics tab added to their Dashboard. The graphs show the number of proofs created in a selected span of time and an average number of versions created in the completed proofs (i.e., in the Approved proofs and the proofs Approved with changes).
Note This feature is available in the Premium edition only.

Personal Settings interface update

We have updated the Personal Settings pages design to unify the look and feel in the application. Inline editing has been introduced in this area, so modifying your settings is now easier.
This article last updated on 2017-08-16 16:39:19 UTC