Release 15.13 - 29 July 2015

ProofHQ Manager - Dashboard - Update to the Recently accessed items

The Recently accessed items list is now called Recently accessed proofs and has the same layout and functionality as other lists in ProofHQ.

Recently_accessed_proofs.png ProofHQ Manager - Folders - Creating new folders from the root folder

It is now possible to create folders directly from the account's folders page. This improves folder management and makes it easier for inexperienced users to create a folder structure in their account.

ProofHQ Manager - Contacts - New layout and usability of the details pages

User details page

The layout of the User details page was updated to make it consistent with other areas of the system.UserDetail.png
It is now possible to manage all of your users' settings directly from the User details page.

You do not have to go to the Users tab in Account Settings to Activate, Deactivate, Reinvite or Reset password - you can do that right from the More menu. If your user was deactivated or locked out because of Advanced password settings, you can unlock them by clicking the Activate option. 

Note Activate becomes available in the menu only when a user is deactivated or locked, otherwise it is not visible in the dropdown.

 Member details page

The Member details page has a new layout, consistent with other pages in the ProofHQ Manager.
Guest details page

The Guest details page has a new layout, with a new button for converting guests to users conveniently located in the toolbar.