Rich Media and interactive web proofing

Introduction to Rich Media

Rich Media is a digital advertisement term for an online creative content which offers multiple ways of engaging the viewers with an ad. With the advanced technology including animated elements, applets, streaming audio and video the content can interact with the audience instantly allowing the agencies to access the aggregated metrics to get the data on their campaigns success. 

Examples of Rich Media content:

  • Ad including a streaming video
  • Banners expanding when a viewer hovers over
  • Flash elements included in the static adds
  • HTML5 animations 
  • applets allowing e.g. share the content using social media

You can easily proof such content and review not only text, but also animations and objects interactions. Rich media capabilities are designed to be able to support any set of web content that can be rendered properly within a supported browser's iframe.

How to prepare a Rich Media .zip archive?

Rich Media content that you'd like to submit as a proof should be bundled in a .zip file:

  • All assets such as CSS, JavaScript, videos, sounds, images etc. should be included in the bundle file
  • Rich Media content should include the main file i.e index.html, index.htm
  • If the main file is not placed in the root location the tool will automatically go to the folder to find the main file
  • The main file does not need to be named index.html/index.htm, however in this case you will want to make sure that there is only one .html/.htm file placed in the main location
  • Maximum bundle size is 500 MB
  • In case of the ZIP files created in iOS the tool will automatically identify the right folder, where the content is placed.

Once you have your .zip bundle file prepared create a new proof as usual.

Please note: The Rich Media support is not available on all the plans. Please do contact our Support team at or your Workfront Proof Account Manager if you have any questions.

The Rich Media projects are the only supported .zip. archives and the standard .zip files submissions will fail.

Interactive web proofs

Interactive web proofing allows you to review and approve all the elements of the web contents that is not possible to proof with the static web captures, e.g.:

  • animations
  • embedded videos
  • user interactions
  • scripts and widgets

And various other elements that are a part of your web projects.

To create an interactive web proof:


  • Enter your URL on the New proof page
  • Choose Interactive from the Advanced options
  • Submit the URL


  • Only URLs over the secured HTTPS can be submitted as interactive web proofs
  • At this time multiple URLs cannot be combined for interactive proofing
  • As we do disaply the interactive proofs in iFrame inside the Workfront Proof Viewer we support only sites which allow displaying their content in iFrame. For example the pages with the following headers will not be processed into proofs ok:
    • X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN/DENY
    • X-Content-Security-Policy and content-security-policy headers
  • Inside the Workfront Proof Viewer you can navigate to the subpages, but at this time we do not support subgages which are targeted to the separate tab/window

Reviewing a Rich Media/Interactive web proof

It is possible to view the Rich Media proofs in all the supported browsers. However, for adding the comments with the markups and screen captures the reviewers will need to have our Workfront Proof Rich Media Review extension installed in their browsers. Adding the comments without the markups is possible without the extension installation.

Please note: Text annotations are currently not available on the Rich Media and Interactive web proofs

The extension is available for the following browsers:

The extension installation can be triggered from the Workfront Proof Viewer directly after clicking the Add Comment button (browser restart may be required) via the alert screen.


Please note:

  • When Rich Media content is being viewed, it is not possible to use the Navigation tools (i.e. Zoom, Rotation, Measurement tool, Pan, "Fit to" tools) and this is due to the Rich Content characteristics. However, all of these functions will be available in the Add Comment mode when the content is captured as a static image.
  • For the proofs from the external resources (URLs)*
    • Users should be wary of version management whenever the actual creative content is changed on the server.
    • It is not possible to review the live Rich Media content for older versions unless each version is placed under a different URL. In case of the same URLs the live content displayed in the Workfront Proof Viewer will update for the older proof versions as well. However, the users may still be able to track the changes by comparing the screen captures taking along with the comments.
    • Workfront Proof Viewer connects over the secure HTTPs. If your external resources load over HTTP the browsers will detect this as Mixed Content and as such this can be blocked (depending on the viewer's browser settings). For proofing HTTP Rich Media content please make sure that Mixed Content is allowed in your browser.

* Rich Media external proofing (via the URLs) will be implemented with one of our next releases.

This article last updated on 2017-09-15 16:48:29 UTC