Workfront Proof Mobile App for Phones

Download the Workfront Proof app from the Apple App Store or Google Store to be productive wherever you are. The Workfront Proof app has the following features on the iPhone and iPod Touch:

  • View, review, and approve both static and audio-visual proofs
  • View, add, and reply to comments
  • Manage your proofs via your dashboard and views

You do not need to be a user of Workfront Proof (i.e., have your own login credentials) to review and approve a proof via the iOS app. As long as you download the app to your iOS device and access your personal URL via your iOS email app, then you can review and approve on the go!

Downloading and Installing the App

Download our Workfront Proof Mobile App directly from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

For iOS devices, make sure to uninstall the previous Workfront Proof app for iOS devices before installing the new app.

The Workfront Proof app automatically detects what type of device you are using. If you would like to use the app on your tablet, have a look at our dedicated Help page for the tablet app interface.

NOTE It is not possible to review SWF files or Audio files, such as MP3 on iOS devices, due to the software limitations of mobile devices. If you would like to review a proof created from a SWF file or an Audio file on a mobile device, please convert it to a supported format before uploading to Workfront Proof.

Getting started with the Workfront Proof App

You do not have to be a Workfront Proof user to start using the app. Simply install the app on your device and click on a Go To Proof link in your email notification. The app automatically starts and loads the proof.

If you are a Workfront Proof user you can log in to the app before opening any proofs - the app allows you to browse all the proofs shared with you and to easily switch between them.

Logging In to Workfront Proof Mobile 

This is the first screen you see when you open the app. Here you can:

  1. Log in to your Workfront Proof account - enter your email and password and click Login.
  2. Use Single Sign-On, if it's configured on your Workfront Proof account.
  3. Use the Forgot password option if you don't remember your password.


Opening a Proof


After you log into your Workfront Proof account you will be taken to your dashboard where you can easily access your proofs. You can open one of the available views - My proofs and All proofs Alternatively you can tap on the name of one of your recent proofs to be taken directly to the Proof Viewer.


Dashboard Views

By default dashboard will open Total proofs view. This view shows all the proofs that you are the owner of or that were shared with you. You can change the view by tapping the bar at the top of the page - a drop down menu with On time, At risk, Late and Recent options will open. To open a proof from any view, simply scroll down the list to find the proof you want to review and tap on its name. This will take you to the proof viewer.

On time view

This view shows you all active proofs in your account that you have permission to see and that have no deadline or there is more than 24 hours until the deadline.

At risk view

In this view you can find all proofs for which the deadline is less than 24 hours.

Late view

Here you can see all proofs with not all actions completed for which the deadline is already breached.

Recent view

This view includes the proofs that have been recently accessed by you and that you own, have permissions to see as per your profile permissions and that were shared with you. This view shows only the proofs that you yourself have opened (either via the Workfront Proof Viewer or via the Proof details page).

Email link

To open a proof from your email, simply open the email in your email app, click on the Go to proof button link in the email (1) and you will be taken to the proof in the Workfront Proof app.

You don't need to have a Workfront Proof account to be able to access a proof on your mobile device; however, you need to download the Workfront Proof app to be able to view, review and approve it.


Reviewing a Static Proof in the App

When you open a proof in the mobile app, you will be taken to a screen where you can:

  • Read and reply to comments left by other reviewers (1 - the digit visible in the icon indicates numbers of comments left on the proof, if no comments were left on the proof, this button will show 0 and will be grayed out).
  • Add comments and markups (2).
  • Make a decision (3).
  • Go to the menu (4).
  • To scale the proof, simply 'pinch' the screen.

NOTE The visibility of the Comment and Decision button depends on your proof role.
Comments and Replies

Adding comments

To add a comment on the proof:

  • Open the proof and tap the Add comment button (1).


  • Start typing your comment in the text area (2). 


  • Tap the comment field to activate it and enter your comment. 
  • Click Save to add a comment or Cancel to exit.


Reading and replying to comments

To read and reply to comments on a proof:

  • Open the proof, then tap on the callout icon in the right upper corner to view the comments list (1) and choose the comment that you want to review.
  • Tap on the pin to open the comment associated with it (2).


  • To Reply to a comment tap on the Reply button (3).
  • To go back to the proof image tap on the callout icon. To view the full comment and its replies, tap on the comment itself.

Actions on comments

To apply an action on a comment:

  • Open a comment.
  • Tap on the Reply button.
  • Open the actions menu on the right side of the text field (1).
  • Choose the option Add action (2).

Please see Actions on comments for more information about this feature.

Adding Markups]

You can associate your comment with a mark-up on the proof (i.e., a box highlighting an area). However, you can make a comment without adding a mark-up. You can add multiple mark-ups to a single comment. To add a markup to a proof:

  • Tap on the Add comment button (1).


  • Choose between the pan mode (2), rectangle tool (3), freehand drawing (4), or the arrow tool (5). You can also change the line color of the markup (6).
  • To draw a markup on the proof simply touch the screen and then move your finger across the proof.
  • You don't have to add text to save your markup (7).
  • Tap on Cancel (8) if you want to discard your markup .

Marking up an area on the proof will automatically open the comment field. You can remove created markup by tapping the cross next to the markup shape (9).



To make a decision on the proof:

  • Open the proof in the Proof Viewer and tap the Decision button (1).


  • Tap the decision you would like to submit (2).
  • (3)
  • Tap Save to submit your decision (4) or Cancel to exit (5).



  • If an on decision pop-up message is set on the account in which the proof was created, it will also appear in the iOS app when a decision is made on a proof. 
  • If you set up decision reasons, they will display on the Submit your decision screen for you to choose.

If you have already submitted a decision and you want to change it or remove it, you can easily do so - after sumitting a decision a new option appears on the Submit your decision screen - Remove my decision (6).

Reviewing an AV proof in the app

Reviewing an audio-video proof in the iOS app is just as simple as reviewing a static file:

  • Tap on the play/pause button to play or pause the video (1).
  • To navigate the video simply tap the navigation bar (2).
  • To leave a comment, tap the Comment button (3) and then follow the instructions described above.
  • Any comments or markups left on the proof will be marked by pins along the navigation bar (4).
  • If you would like to review the comments left on the proof, tap the Comments button (5) and then follow the instructions described above.
  • To make a decision, tap the Decision button (6) - submitting a decision is described above .

Device requirements

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Android 4.0 and up. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This article last updated on 2018-04-26 16:00:59 UTC