Setting Time Zones in Workfront Proof


Workfront Proof displays the time when activity took place on a proof (e.g., deadlines, decisions, comments) and when a proof was created. By default the time is displayed in GMT.

All users (i.e., people who have their own Workfront Proof account) can set their own time zone in Personal settings. If a personal time zone is set, all times will be shown in this time zone, even if the proof was created by a user in a different time zone.

All Guest reviewers (i.e., people that do not have their own Workfront Proof account) will see all times in the timezone of the proof owner.

Setting your personal time zone

To set the correct time zone for your profile, go to Settings and then Personal settings. The timezone field is available in the Settings tab.


To change the format of the dates and times displayed in your account, edit the Dates format field. If you'd like to see the times displayed in the AM/PM format, make sure to pick the following option from the menu:


Setting your default organization time zone

Account Administrators can set a default time zone for the organization in Account settings.

This time zone will be set by default for all new user added to the organization (but can subsequently be changed by the individual user if required).

To set the time zone for the account, go to your Account settings and edit the Time zone field.

This article last updated on 2018-06-14 18:49:34 UTC