Managing Groups

Click Groups in the Sidebar to view the Groups page, which shows you all the public groups in your account and the groups you created as private.

In the Groups page you can:

  • Create a new group (1)
  • Export groups to CSV file (2)
  • Filter and sort groups


  • After selecting one or more groups (3) the following additional options will be available:
    • Add people to the selected groups (4)
    • Make the selected groups private (5) *
    • Make the selected groups public (6) *
    • Delete the selected groups (7)
  • You can perform actions on groups also on each group separately from their own Actions menu (8):
    • View group details **
    • Add people
    • Make a group public/private *
    • Delete group

* You can make groups private by checking the tick-box in the Private column (9).

** Alternatively you can view the group details by clicking on the Group name (10).


Depending on the view you choose on your Groups page you have various sorting and filtering options available.

NOTE Private groups are visible only to their creators, even when another user actioned the change. See Private groups for more information.

Sorting and Filtering on the Groups Page


You can Sort groups by the following topics:

  • Group name (3)
  • Privacy (4)
  • Description (5)

To sort your groups:

  1. Select one of the options from the Sort menu (1).
    Click the column header you want to sort by.
    The triangle to the left of a header (2) indicates sorting order (triangle pointed upward indicates ascending order, while triangle pointed downward indicates descending order).


To filter your contacts, select your preferred options from the filter dropdown menus and populate the filter fields as necessary (below each column header). Once you have done this, apply your filters by clicking the Filter icon (6).

You can filter by:

  • Group name
  • Privacy
  • Description
  • Group member type
  • Group member name
  • Group member email address
  • Group member default role

You can additionally choose to filter the Groups by a particular letter. To do this:

  1. Open the Letters panel. (7)
  2. Choose the letter for contacts you'd like to display. (8)
    Letters with no groups listed are dimmed.
  3. To reset the filtering by letter and bring all the contacts back click All button (9) in the panel.


Group Details

On the Group details page you can:

  • Edit the group Name and Description using inline editing.* (1)
  • Change group privacy. (2)
  • Add new people to the group. (3)
  • View all the people currently in the group (including their default role and email alert for that group). (4)
  • Delete group. (5)

* To start editing simply click the field to activate the field and start typing. Clicking anywhere outside the field will save your modifications.


After selecting one or more people in the group, the following additional options are available:

  • Remove from group (6)
  • Change role (7)
  • Change email alert (8)
  • For each person you can perform the additional actions from their own Actions Menu (9):
    • View guest details (10)
    • Add to group (11)
    • Remove from all proofs (12)
    • Remove from all active proofs (13)
    • Remind on Late proofs (14)
    • Remove from all groups (15)
    • Convert to user (16)
    • Delete (17)


  • The option to Convert to user is available only for Guests and it's visible only if you have the permissions to add new users to your company account (i.e. you are an Administrator or Billing Administrator).
  • The visibility of the Delete option depends on your profile.Group_Details_more_options.png

Adding Contacts to Groups

You can add Contacts to Groups from the Contact details page by following these steps:

  1. Click the Add to groups button. (1)
  2. In the Add to group pop-up, select the groups. (2)
  3. Set the default Role and Email alert for the Contact. (3)
  4. Click Save to approve changes. (4)
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