Release 16.12 - 29 June 2016

ProofHQ Manager

Comments Summary improvements

If you have Custom fields created on your proofs you can now include this data in your comments summary. Simply choose the Print Comments option, and Select a checkbox to add Custom fields to the view. Your custom data displays in the details section above the comments list.

We also improved the display of the longer proof names on the summary page.
NOTE The Custom Fields data is currently not included in the PDF and Excel Summary versions.

Enhancements for moving items

We have improved the gripper functionality, so moving items in the web application is now easier.

Moving folders and proofs
Hover over a list item to display a gripper icon. You can drag and drop the items to another location by grabbing the gripper or a whole row. To select multiple items use Ctrl or Shift with mouse click or select the checkboxes.
Reordering files for combined proofs
When you submit multiple files and you choose the combine proof option, you can now change the file order. Your proof pages will be ordered as well.
Moving collaborators between the stages
Now you can move the reviewers between the stages of the Automated Workflow proofs by clicking anywhere on their line. You do not have to click the gripper icon any more. To select multiple reviewers simply click their names in the Workflow section.
NOTE At this time only reviewers from one stage can be moved at a time.
This article last updated on 2017-08-16 16:35:53 UTC