Release 16.2/16.3 - 24 February 2016

ProofHQ Manager

Automated Workflow proofs
We have updated the alerts displayed in the application when a user attempts to remove the proof Owner from a proof.

ProofHQ Viewer

Enhancements in the Folder panel
You can now search and filter the proofs inside the Folder panel.

Public API

Improved proofs management via the API

SOAPFileObject, SOAPWorkflowProofObject

These objects now include the number of pages in a given proof passed in the pages parameter.

This object is being extended to include the name parameter that specifies names and extensions of the comment attachments. 

This method allows population of the Custom fields data of a given proof via the API. 

Method that allows a user to request an Excel print summary that is returned by passing XML to a given callback URL. 

This method allows a listing of all the proofs explicitly shared with a particular reviewer. 


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