Release 15.17 - 23 September 2015

ProofHQ Manager - Creating a copy of a proof with a new file

It is now possible to create a new proof using the same proof settings as an existing proof. ProofHQ will use the same proof settings, workflow, folders and tags. All you have to do is select a new file from your hard drive.

ProofHQ Manager - Setting the proof thumbnail image

You can now update the thumbnail image of your proof. The updated thumbnail image is used for the proof across the whole system: in emails, views, and folders. 

thumbnail_sc.pngBasecamp Integration - Viewing the To Do from the reviewer context menu

For proofs added to Basecamp projects, it is now possible to open the To Do created in the project from the reviewer's context menu on the Proof details page.

BC_integration.png Public API - Managing groups

We have continued working on managing groups via the API and have added the following methods:

  • deleteGroupMember()
  • addGroupToProof()
  • getGroups()
  • deleteGroup()

Additional information about the updates to the API is available here.