Release 15.15 - 26 August 2015

ProofHQ Manager - Automated Workflow - Setting the proof owner on the template

When building an Automated Workflow template, you can now pick the person who will be the owner of the proofs created using that template. This makes it easier for you to create Automated Workflow proofs - you no longer need to remember to change the owner for every proof.

changing_proof_owner.png ProofHQ Viewer - Viewing all proof versions

This is a new setting available in Account Settings > Settings tab. If enabled, reviewers added to one version of the proof will automatically be able to view other versions of the proof. This eliminates the need to share each version of the proof individually.

Sharing_all_versions.png ProofHQ Viewer - Show pins for resolved comments

The pins for resolved comments are now marked with green tick marks, to show you which pins belong to resolved comments.

Public API - New includeSubFolders parameter

A new includeSubFolders parameter was added to the getProofsByWorkspaces and getProofsByWorkspace methods. This parameter will allow you to obtain all proofs that are in the parent folder as well as its subfolders without having to make multiple calls to subfolders.

Public API - removeAccountCallback() and removeProofCallback() methods

The new removeAccountCallback() and removeProofCallback() methods allow you to remove the callbacks you have configured on your account and your proofs.