Release 15.3 - 4 March 2015

ProofHQ Manager

  • We will now create and assign tasks to BaseCamp users added to a ProofHQ proof so that each user added to a ProofHQ proof will have a task scheduled and assigned to them

ProofHQ Viewer

  • The introduction of simultaneous navigation, overlay comparison and auto-compare in page after page and magazine layouts so that recipients can now compare proof versions simultaneously in page after page and magazine layout modes whereas before this was only possible using the single page view
  • The ability to use up and down arrows as a shortcut to move between comments, enabling quicker navigation without having to use a mouse

  • Shortcut hints are now displayed when users hover over a button so that users are more aware that shortcuts exist and which they can use

Public API

  • Introduction of the send_proof_ready_email on the SOAPUserObject so that API users now have the ability to configure whether they want to receive proof ready emails via the API