Release 15.2 - 4 February 2015

ProofHQ Manager

  • The Billing UI has been updated and integrated with the Braintree payments engine, making ProofHQ payment a smoother and more seamless experience

ProofHQ Viewer

  • The addition of line smoothing to the Freehand markup tool, making it easier to draw and read markup made with this
  • Display of a lock icon and information text on the proof stage or state when there is no Add comment button making it clearer as to why recipients cannot add comments on a proof when a stage is locked
  • Retain comment filter settings so that users can now filter settings that were last used when reviewing proofs, and speed up the review process.

  • Retain scroll position at point where an action was made so that when a recipient sorts comments by an action, then applies another action to one of the comments from the list, the focus will be retained, hence speeding up the review process for users

  • Set comment view as hide when single comment is closed so that users don’t have to click twice to go back to a single comment again
  • Web capture proofs will be focused at the top of the proof upon loading so that it is viewed as a normal web page would be
  • Use left right arrows as shortcut to move between pages so that users can navigate pages quickly and easy

Public API

  • Include the "decision" parameter on the SOAPWorkflowProofRecipientObject