Trying the Home Area

By default, the new Home area is available for you to try as described in this section. However, your system administrator can customize your experience so that you see the new Home area by default, or that you are not able to access the home area at all. For more information, see the section "Customizing User Visibility to the Home area" in the article, "Creating and Managing Layout Templates."

Accessing the New Home Area

  1. Navigate to the My Work area.
  2. Click the Try the BETA in the upper-left corner of the My Work area, then click Let's go.
    home_beta_try.pngThe new Home area is displayed.

Switching Back to My Work

You can switch back to the My Work area after trying Home.

  1. Navigate to the Home area.
  2. (Conditional) If you are currently viewing the Calendar, click Calendar in the upper-left area and select Work List.
  3. Click the Exit BETA icon in the lower-right corner of the Home area, then click Switch Back.

    The My Work area is displayed.


This article last updated on 2018-08-06 21:16:18 UTC