Creating and Using Groups

Groups make it easy for you to select review teams to share items with in just one click.

When you're creating a new proof (or a new version or a copy), you can select a group to share the proof with by typing the name of the group into the share field (1).

You can also start typing "group" or a group name and the list of suggestions will show up as a list in the drop-down. You will see only the public Groups and your own private Groups.


When you select a group, all of the people in that group will be shown alphabetically and in their default proof role and email alert (per your group settings).

If you would like to edit their role or email alert, you can do so by clicking the field and changing the selection. 

You can remove any group members that you don’t want to include by clicking the trash icon next to their name. 

NOTE Groups are only available on Select and Premium plans. Currently Groups are not supported via the Desktop Uploader.

Creating groups

You can add a new Group via the New menu on the Dashboard:

  • Open the New menu(1)
  • Choose New group(2)


In the New group pop-up

  • Enter details for the Group (note that group names can be up to 128 characters) (3)
  • Add/ remove people from your group in the People section (4)
  • Save your group (5)


Alternatively you can open the New group pop-up from the Groups page or the Contacts page.

This article last updated on 2017-08-30 15:54:27 UTC