How to Concatenate Hyperlinks and Shorten URL


Calculated fields allow for the ability to concatenate text with Workfront objects such as IDs. With this information, we can create hyperlinks from one object to another and even specify a specific tab of the object (Hours, Updates, Documents, etc.).

In a Report these hyperlinks will display the full-length URL, so this article will outline how to create a Calculated Field to create a hyperlink to a Project's Hours tab and shorten the URL.


1. In a Project Custom form, add a Calculated Field
2. We can add the following textmode that will concatenate our domain with the ID of the project and specify the Hours tab:


3. Create a Report (Hour, Project, etc.) and ensure your Projects have the appropriate Custom Form attached to them.
4. Add the Custom Field as a Column on your report
5. Go into the Advanced Options for the column
6. Add a Rule for this Column that states if the Custom Field is not blank, then show my desired link text:


7. After adding the rule, switch into the Column's Text Mode and add the following while replacing the fieldname with your Custom Field's name :


8. Run the report and your desired text will now function as the link:







This article last updated on 2017-04-10 19:17:33 UTC