Linking Tabs from Lists and Reports

You can include links to a specific tab of an object in the view of a report or list for that object.
For example, you can include the direct link to the Hours tab of a task in the view of a task report or list. 

You can customize this link to a text value that is easily understood in your organization.
For example, you can name it "Task Hours Tab". When you click the link, the Hours tab for that task opens. 

You can create direct links to tabs by using text mode in Calculated Custom Fields as well as in custom calculated columns in views of lists and reports.  

Finding the Name of the Active Tab for an Object

Workfront allows you to build custom URLs to indicate specific tabs of an object.
For example, the Hours tab of a task, or the Milestones tab on a project. These tabs are called Active Tabs in Workfront.

To find the name of an Active Tab

  1. Navigate to the object whose tabs you want to view.
  2. Find the tab that you want to direct link from a report or list, and right click on the name of the tab. 
  3. Click Inspect
  4. Use the find feature in your browser (CTRL+F or CMD+F) and search for the string data-name under the tab active line. 
  5. The name of the Active Tab for the Hours tab of a Task is: list-task-hours.
  6. Save this name for future reference. 

Building a Calculated Custom Field with a Direct Link to an Active Tab

You can use a Calculated Field to concatenate information about your object and an Active Tab for the object and create a direct link to that tab.

This way, you can create hyperlinks from one object to another or link a specific tab on the object (Hours, Updates, Documents, etc.) from a list or report for that object.

To build a Calculated Custom Field for the direct link to an Active Tab: 

  1. Navigate to Setup> Custom Forms> New Custom Form> Task.
  2. Specify a Form Title
    This is the name of your Custom Form.
  3. Click Add Field> Calculated.
  4. Specify a Label.
    This is the name of your Calculated Custom Field. For example, name it "Task Hours Tab."
  5. In the Calculation box, copy and paste the calculation below. If you are building a Calculated Custom Field for another object or another tab, replace the code in bold with the respective object name and Active Tab name, respectively:
    CONCAT("https://<your domain>","/","task/view?ID=",ID,"&activeTab=list-task-hours")

    For information about finding the Active Tab on an object tab, see "Finding the Name of the Active Tab for an Object."
    For information about the names of  objects in the Workfront database, see the "API Explorer."
  6. (Optional) In the Instructions box, copy and paste the same calculation:
    CONCAT("https://<your domain>","/","task/view?ID=",ID,"&activeTab=list-task-hours")
    The Instruction field shows the calculation when the field is viewed on the Custom Form of the task.
  7. Click Save + Close
  8. Apply this Custom Form to a task.
    For information about applying a Custom Form to a task, see "Applying Custom Forms to Objects."
    This displays a direct link to the Hours tab of the task in the custom field of the task, on the custom form.

Building a Report with Links to Specific Tabs on Objects 

You must create a Calculated Custom Field with a link to an Active Tab before you can include the link in a report. 

For more information about creating Calculated Custom Fields with links to an Active Tab, see "Building a Calculated Custom Field with a Direct Link to an Active Tab."

For example, we want to build a task report with a direct link to the Hours tab of the task:

  1. Navigate to Reporting>Reports>New Report> Task Report.
  2. Click Add Column.
  3. Add the Calculated Custom Field as a column on your report. 
    For example, the field we created is named "Task Hours Tab."
  4. Click Advanced Options, then Add a Rule for this Column.
    Add the following rule for the column: if the Custom Field is not blank, Show Text <my desired link name>. For example, show "Task Hours Tab".
  5. Click Add Rule, then Done.
  6. Select the newly added column, then click Switch to Text Mode.
  7. Click anywhere inside the text editor to edit the text mode. 
  8. Add the following line of code to the text mode interface for the column. 
  9. Replace fieldname in the expression below with the name of your Calculated Custom Field as it appears in your system.  
    For example:
    link.url=customDataLabelsAsString(Task Hours Tab
  10. Click Save+Close.
  11. Click the link in the view and it should open the Hours tab of the task.  
This article last updated on 2019-04-24 14:21:04 UTC