Workfront 2018.1 December Preview Releases

Webinar Recording

The Workfront 2018.1 December Preview Releases Webinar was presented on December 19, 2017. This webinar focused on the new functionality that has been made available in Preview during the month of December.


Webinar Q&A


Resource Planning

For more information on Resource Planning, see the "Resource Management" section.

How will data from the Legacy Resource Estimates be migrated over to the Resource Budgeting Tool?
This process is automated.

When will the old Capacity Planner be deprecated?
The Capacity Planner is considered deprecated now (meaning we are not developing functionality, nor fixing any more bugs on it). It will be removed from the system completely sometime after the end of 2018. Currently, there is no exact date established.

If hours are allocated to roles/users in the project plan, is it possible for those to automatically flow into the Business Case?
The Planned Hours allocated to users/roles in the project plan are in the Resource Budgeting area of the Business Case. The Budgeted Hours (which are hours that the Resource Manager manually budgets for users/role) must be manually entered either in the Business Case or in the Resource Planner.

Is it possible to remove the Legacy Cost Estimates area from the Business Case?
Yes, but you would also remove the Expenses area of the Business Case. If you want to remove the Legacy Resource Estimates section from the Business Case, you can (as a system administrator) follow these steps:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Expand Project Preferences, then click Projects.
  3. In the Business Cases area, deselect the Costs (Expenses & Resource Estimates) field.
  4. Click Save.
    This hides the Expenses and the Legacy Resource Estimates areas from all the Business Cases of all the projects in the system. If you do work with expenses, you will still be able to enter those on the Expenses tab of the project. You are just going to be able to see them on the Business Case.

Losing Resource Estimates is potentially devastating to our organization. Can we hold onto Business Case as is for our organization?
We recommend that you experiment with the new tool while it's in the Preview environment to see how it works with your organization. However, if the tool simply will not work, tell us why, so we can correct the shortcomings or add to the functionality to ensure that the new tools are in perfect parity with the existing Resource Estimates tools. The plan is to keep the legacy tools until the new tools offer the same functionality (if not more).

In order for the Business Case to be accurate, do you have to update resource hours daily? For example, what happens if I estimate and assign someone 6 hours for a task, but they do it in 1 hour?
Resource Budgeting and the Resource Planner are planning features. For instance if you plan 6 hours and they do it in 1, the next time you plan you can compensate for the historical time that it took to finish the item.

Does the current user view show Planned Hours?
Planned Hours should be visible in the User View of the Resource Planner. If not, please log this as a bug.

Is reporting available for the new budgeting features?
At this time, you can report on Resource Budgeted Hours which are the hours estimated in the Resource Planner.

Is the Business Case a preferred tool going forward or is the current activity simply to provide an as-is replica with the new HTML5 resourcing tools?
The Business Case works in conjunction with the new resource tools. We suggest testing to make sure that the new tools are working for you and your organization.

Are there plans to set the role and user’s Planned Hours as Budgeted at a system level?
Currently there are no plans to make this a feature. We suggest submitting an idea to the Idea Exchange.

Can I have multiple Resource Managers on a project?
There is no limit to the number of Resource Managers you have on a project.

Can I set up a specific Resource Manager for each resource group?
You can, but there is no systematic way to do that. In other words, you would have to do it manually: if you have a Marketing Group, you can associate that group with your Marketing Projects, and then decide who the person in Marketing will be your Resource Manager. Then assign that person as a Resource Manager on those projects that are in the Marketing Group. There is no direct link in the system between a Group and the role of Resource Manager on a project.


Project Updates
For more information on project updates, see the "Projects" section.

What is the default on existing projects when Update Type is implemented within Workfront?
Automatic and On Change.

Does the Condition change automatically as well?
Yes, Condition is automatically updated.

When will we be able to see stories and issues on the Agile storyboard and backlog?
This functionality will be available in Preview at the beginning of 2018.



For more information on the home area, see the "Getting Started" section.

When will the new Home area take effect?
The first phase of the Home area is currently available in Preview, and will be available in Production in March 2018. Additional functionality will be introduced in the Home area throughout 2018.

Will the new Home area be required or optional?
The new Home area will eventually replace the My Work area, at which time, the My Work area will no longer be available. Functionality will be added to the Home area throughout 2018. During this time, users can choose to use either the My Work or Home area.

Will there be a "Ready to Start" button on items in the Home area? And will there be a “Ready to Start” filter?
Yes, this is something that we are looking to implement. We are working to have feature parity with what you are currently able to do in My Work.

Will the new Home area capture approvals that are set up in Proof workflows?
Yes, this is something that we are looking to implement. We are working to have feature parity with what are currently able to fo in My Work.

Will the new Home area have a calendar, and will it have a week view?
Yes, this is something that we are looking to implement. We are working to have feature parity with what are currently able to fo in My Work.

Will custom data fields be displayed at the top of the new Home page?

Will the new Home page show Requests, Projects, and Tasks, or do administrators control what we see?
Users can filter by the different object types. Administrators cannot currently control which objects are available to users.

Is the request type shown independent of the request queue?
The Request type displays work items you have been requested to work on.

Will the work list include requests that have been assigned to you but that you may not have accepted yet?

Where will personal tasks be located?
Personal tasks are located in the Work List along with other types of work items. You can filter the Work List to display only personal tasks.

Will a system admin be able to turn off the "New Task" feature?
The new task feature is for the user to create and ad hoc task for themselves. currently there is no way to turn that off. But that would be great feedback to provide.

Can we shut off the Request option?
In this current iteration of Home, this is not possible.

Does "To Do" still show up on "Personal Projects" as far as reporting is concerned?
Yes, these will be treated the same.

Can you designate the task's parent task from the Home area?
No, you will not be able to create new tasks and assign them to an already existing task.

Will the custom fields display even if they're empty?

What is the plan for "My Updates"?
My Updates will not change as it is not the same as My Work. The My Work and Home areas are only for Work and Plan license users. My Updates is only for users with a Review license.

Where will the ad hoc tasks or requests go when done?
You can click "Show complete" and it will show the completed ad hoc tasks. You can scroll back in time to see older items in 2-week increments.

Can you opt in to the new Home area only for certain users?
As the system administrator, you allow users to opt in to the Home area via the layout template (in Setup). If the Home area is enabled on the layout template, all users assigned to that layout template can opt in to Home. If it is disabled on the layout template, no users assigned to that layout template can opt in to Home.

Where in Setup should we go to opt in or out of the new Home area?
As a system administrator, you configure whether the Home area is available via the layout template.


The Proofing Viewer

For more information on the proofing viewer, see the Working with proofs and files category on the Help Site.

Can you now compare versions in this update?
Not at this time, but this functionality will be available in Preview at the beginning of 2018.

When will the compare feature be added?
Compare mode will be available in Preview at the beginning of 2018.

Can you sort comments by page?
No, comments are shown in order of entry with no option to sort.

When you mark a comment as "read," does that only apply to the current user?
Yes, marking a comment as read only affects the current user.



For more information on administration, see the Administration and Setup category on the Help Site.

Does the new disable notification functionality apply to Workfront and Workfront Proof?
No, this applies only to Workfront. However, there is existing functionality in Workfront Proof to disable email notifications. In other words, you now have the option to choose if you want proofing email notifications from Workfront or Workfront Proof.

Can Group Administrators add users?
Yes, they can, if their access level allows them to Edit (and Create) users. They don’t necessarily have to be a Group Administrator for this. Anyone with a Planner license, with Edit (and Create) access to Users is allowed to add users to Workfront.

Can a Group Administrator log in as another Group Administrator in their same group?
Yes, they can log in as another Group Administrator. They cannot log in as another System Administrator.

If I don't want to assign any user as a Group Administrator, do I need to add the system administrator to each group and designate them as a group administrator?
No, system administrators will have access to all groups regardless if they have been added to a group.

Is it possible to limit Group Administrator login as privileges to view access only?
No, the group administrator will have whatever access the user they log in has.

Will groups still have group owners?
No, Group Administrators will replace Group Owners.

Will Group Administrators have the ability to change single sign-on passwords?
No, Group Administrators will only have the reset option for Workfront credentials. If you want Group Administrators to change single sign-on passwords, you will have to work with your single sign-on provider.

Can project managers be Group Administrators?
Yes. Users need at least a Plan license to be a Group Administrator.

Can a user be a Group Administrator for more than one group?
Yes, but you will have to add and designate the user in each individual group.

Will Group Administrators have access to view any project or modify tasks on projects from within their group?
Not necessarily. Their rights on the projects are specified in the Sharing of the project. The fact that they are a Group Administrator does not give them extra permissions on any projects or other items (tasks, issues, reports, etc) in Workfront.

Is there a way to limit Group Administrator capabilities?
Currently, Group Administrators have access to all of the released features. In the future, you will be able to limit what a Group Administrator can do.

Can a group have more than one Group Administrator?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of Group Administrator allowed on a group.


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