Creating Proofs in Workfront Proof

Workfront Proof enables you to create proofs from documents or websites, and share those proofs with others. The following steps describe the various configuration options that are available:

  1. Do any of the following to begin creating a new proof and display the New Proof page:
    • Click the green New proof button in the upper-left corner of any page.
    • In the Dashboard area, in the Overview tab, click the New proof link.
    • Use the Desktop Uploader.
      Enables you to upload folders and files directly from your desktop. For more information, see "Desktop Uploader."
    • Submit via Dropzone (Enterprise feature)
  2. Expand the Upload section.
  3. Upload one or more files or specify one or more web pages. You can also delete items you no longer want to upload.
    If you upload multiple files simultaneously, a separate proof is created for each file. Reviewers receive a single email containing their personal URL to each proof. (The proof creator receives individual emails for each proof created.) To create a single multi-page proof, files must first be combined into a single multi-page file prior to being uploaded to Workfront Proof. If you are on an Enterprise plan, you can create combined proofs, as described in "Combined proofs."
    To upload files do either of the following:
    • Drag and drop one or more files onto the blue box.
      Drag-and-drop functionality is available only with browsers that fully support HTML5.
    • Click the Select files button and select the files you want to upload.
    To create a proof for a website:
    1. Enter a URL into the website field.
      You can capture multiple web pages at the same time by entering multiple URLs into the field. Ensure that a space is left between each URL.
      If multiple files or web captures are uploaded at the same time, a separate proof is created for each. Reviewers receive a single email containing their personal URL to each proof (the proof creator receives individual emails for each proof created).
      Multiple files can be combined into a single proof using the combine function (Enterprise only), see Combined proofs.
    2. Click the green arrow button.
  4. Specify a name for the proof.
    Only individual proofs can be renamed on the New proof page. If you upload multiple proofs at the same time, you can change the names only after they are created on the Proof details page.
  5. Expand the Share section.
  6. (Optional) Click the Use Automated Workflow link to switch to an automated workflow. If you do not click this link, a standard workflow is used.
    For more information about automated workflow, see "Automated Workflow."
  7. Specify the name or email address of the user you want to share the proof with. If the user is included in the Workfront Proof system, the name appears in the drop-down list as you type.
    For information about adding a group to the proof, see "Adding Groups to a Proof."
    In the Role drop-down menu, select the role you want to grant to the user. For more information about the different roles, see "Proof Roles."
    In the Email alerts drop-down menu, select the type of email alerts you want the user to receive. For more information about email alerts, see "Email Alert Options."
  8. Specify the following additional information:
    Set a deadline: Select the date and time when the review of the proof must be complete.
    For more information about deadlines, see "Setting Deadlines for a Proof."
    Notify people by email: Select this option to send email notifications to the users you specify. Email notifications are sent according to the selection you made in the Email alerts drop-down menu.
    If you choose to notify the reviewers, this is logged in the Activity section of the Proof details page.
    If the Creator or Owner of the proof has Proof made emails disabled by default (in their Personal settings), users do not receive any Proof made or New proof emails even if the Notify people by email box is checked on the New proof page.
    Add a custom message to specify a custom message to include with the email notification. [! true?] 
    You can save a template Subject and Message within Proofing defaults in your Personal settings. If you have saved a template, it appears automatically in the New proof page.
  9. Expand the Organize section.
  10. Specify the following information:
    Add your proof to a folder: Select the existing folder where you want to create your proof. Or, click New folder to create a new folder.
    If you created the proof from the Folder details page, the folder is selected by default.
    For more information about folders, see "Managing Folder Items."
    If you add the proof to a shared folder, the number of users the folder is shared with is displayed. Click See the list to view the users who have access to the folder.
    Tag your proof: Select any tags to add to your proof.
  11. Expand the More Settings section.
  12. Specify the following information:
    Lock the proof when all decisions are made: When this setting is enabled, the proof state is locked after all decisions have been made. The state is automatically changed from Unlocked to Locked when the final approver makes their decision.
    This option is disabled by default.
    Login Required: When this option is selected, only Workfront Proof users are able to view the proof.
    This option is disabled by default; any person with the URL is able to view the proof.
    When this option is selected:
    - Users cannot sign in to the proof unless they have been added to the proof.
    - Subscriptions cannot be enabled.
    Only one decision required: When this option is selected, the review is completed after one of the decision makers makes their decision.
    This option is disabled by default.
    Electronic signatures: Users are required to specify their user name and password at the time that they make a decision on a proof.
    Primary decision maker: Select the Primary decision maker on the stage. Decision makers are available in the drop-down list only after you add reviewers to the stage.
    If you pick a Primary decision maker, only one decision required option is available on this stage.
    Download of original file: When this option is selected, reviewers are able to download the original file from which the proof was created.
    When this option is deselected, the Download icon is no longer visible.
    This option is enabled by default.
    Public sharing: When this option is selected, the proof can be shared via a public URL or embed code.
    Subscription: When this option is selected, people who have not been added explicitly to the proof can subscribe to the proof. The person subscribing to the proof is granted the role and email that you define in the following settings:
    Subscriber validation required: Subscriber must click a link in an email to access a proof.
    When this option is selected, any person subscribing to the proof is not given immediate access to the proof; instead, the person receives a link to the proof in an email. The purpose of subscriber validation is to ensure that the person has entered a correct email address to which they have access.
    Default role for new subscribers: The default proof role that is assigned to all reviewers that subscribe to the proof. 
    Default email alert for new subscribers: The default email alert that is assigned to all reviewers that subscribe to the proof.
  13. Click Create.






This article last updated on 2018-07-11 15:20:32 UTC