Sharing Proof Links in Workfront Proof

You can email the Proof URL and the Download URL for a proof to anyone, whether or not they have a Workfront Proof account. For information about the Proof URL and the Download URL, see "Sharing the Public URL" and "Downloading Original Files."

People who have not been added to the proof and view it using the Proof URL won't be added to the workflow on the proof and will have Read Only access to the proof. For information about read-only access, see "Managing Proof Roles."

However, the option to sign in will be available. So, if a recipient has already been added to the proof, they can simply enter their details and then they will be able to make comments/decisions (depending on their existing role). For information about comments and decisions, see "Creating and Managing Proof Comments" and "Making Decisions on a Proof."

If the Subscription setting is enabled on the proof, any recipient who has not been added to it can subscribe (add) to the proof. See "Subscribing to a Proof" for more information.


  • If Download of the original file is disabled on the proof, only the Proof URL is shared. If Public sharing is disabled but the Download the original file is enabled, reviewers will receive only the download link in the email. For more information, see "Downloading Original Files."
  • People you share the proof link with do not appear in the Workflow section of the Proof details page. For more information, see "Proof details page."
  • If Subscriptions have not been enabled on the proof and the person has not already been added to the proof, they will only be able to view the proof in read-only mode.  

To share proof links:

  1. On the Dashboard or any Views list, click the More (three dot) menu to the far-right of the proof, then click Share proof links on the dropdown arrow.
  2. In the Share proof links box that appears, do any of the following:
    • Specify whether you want to share the Proof URL or the Download URL.
    • Add people that you would like to share the links with by typing their email address.
    • (Optional) Add a custom message to the email.
  3. Click Submit.
    Workfront Proof sends an email with the proof links to the people on the share list.
    NOTE If one of the links is disabled on the proof, it is not visible in the email.
This article last updated on 2018-11-24 17:56:17 UTC