The Miniproof is a widget that lets you embed a proof in a web page, blog, or wiki.

The Miniproof shows the proof, all existing comments and mark-ups and lets you work on the proof as if you were in Workfront Proof.

Here is an example of a Miniproof embedded in a Basecamp project: 

  • Name of the proof (1)
  • Fullscreen (2) - it will open the proof in the Proof Viewer (outside of the enviroment the Miniproof was embedded in)
  • Help links (3)
  • Actions menu (4)
  • View comments in sidebar (5)


How to embed a miniproof in a website, blog or wiki

  • Go to the Proof details page of a proof
  • Expand the More sharing options section of the page
  • Ensure the embed code is enabled (1)
  • Click on the Copy code link (2) to copy the embed code to your clipboard
  • Paste the code into the website, blog, or wiki you are working on to embed the Miniproof


This article last updated on 2017-09-15 16:49:30 UTC