Accessing a Proof That Was Shared With You in Workfront Proof

When you receive an email about a proof, it contains a personal URL to access the proof. For more information, see "The New Proof Email." 



Consider the following about shared proofs:

  • Anyone with a valid email address can be added to a proof. They do not need to be a Workfront Proof user with login credentials.
  • Any proof that has been shared with you will appear in the Views page of your account. For more information, see "Views."
  • When someone shares a proof URL with you, you can access the proof as described in "Sharing the Public URL."
  • You can search for any proof that has been shared with you based on the following criteria:
    • Proof name
    • Description (message associated with a Proof)
    • Tag name (see "Tags")
    For more information, see "Searching Workfront Proof." 

To open a proof from an email you have received:

  1. Click Go to proof in the email.
    The proof opens in the Proofing Viewer, ready for review.
    For information about reviewing static proofs, see "Reviewing Proofs in the Web Proofing Viewer."
    For information about reviewing interactive proofs, see "Reviewing Proofs in the Desktop Proofing Viewer."

IMPORTANT The URL from the email is personal to you and will open the proof with you already identified as the reviewer. It is important that you do not forward the URL to anyone else; if you do, any comments/decisions that they make will be in your name. If you would like someone else to view the proof and you have the proof permission to do so, use the proof sharing functionality explained in"Sharing Proofs." See "Editing User Profiles and Permissions in Workfront Proof" for information about proof permission.
Alternatively, if proof sharing is enabled on the proof, you can let someone else view the proof by sharing the Proof URL from the Proofing Viewer or from the "Share this proof with someone else" link in your New proof email).

Make this work for both WfP and PIW?

This article last updated on 2018-12-06 21:14:35 UTC