Proof Approvers can make a decision on the proof by clicking on the Decision button.

To make a decision on the proof:

  • Click on the Finish review button (1)
  • Choose your decision (2)
  • If you want to receive an email confirmation of your decision select this option on the pop-up (3)
  • Click Save (4) to submit your decision

If you'd like to submit your decision later you can click Cancel (5) or simply close the pop-up (6).


Proof roles which require the person to make a Decision on a proof are:

Standard Decision options are:

  • Approved - you have approved the proof
  • Approved with Changes - you have requested changes to the proof but don't need to see another version
  • Changes Required - you have requested changes to the proof
  • Not Relevant - you do not think that you need to make a decision on this proof

You can also create Custom Decision options for reviewers to select when making a decision. Along with Custom Decision options, you can set Reasons for the Decision. Information on creating and managing custom decisions can be found here.

NOTE Custom decisions are available only on Select and Premium plans

Changing your decision

As long as the proof is active (i.e. not locked or archived) you can change your decision at any time. To do so:

  • Click on the Finish review (1) button
  • Choose another decision (2)
  • Click Save (3) to submit your new decision
  • Alternatively choose the Remove my decision (4) option

Custom Decisions

Administrators in accounts on Select and Premium plans can customize the decision names that approvers choose on the proofs created in their account.

You can change the name of the decision, change the order of the decisions shown in the Proof Viewer, and decide which decisions should be displayed. 

To find out how to set up Custom decisions in your account, please visit Decisions configuration.


Decision Reasons

You can choose to show a Decision reasons pop up message in the Proof Viewer when a decision is made on the proof.

NOTE This feature is only available on Select and Premium plans.

You can set the proof to show the reasons pop up when any decision is made or just when a particular decision is made, e.g., you may want reviewers to only give you a reason if their decision is “Changes required."

Decision reasons will also be available as column options in Custom views.

Your decision reasons popup will be shown in the Proof Viewer when a decision is being made, as shown in the example below.

Please see the Decisions tab help page for detailed instructions on setting up Decision reasons.


Post-Decision Message

This message displays after the reviewer saves the decision on a proof. You can use this message, for example, to thank your reviewers for the participation in the proofing process or to advise them of the next step in the process.

NOTE The post-decision message is not available on all the plans.


Please go to the Account settings Decisions tab help page to find out how to set the Post-decision message for your account.

This article last updated on 2017-08-29 21:48:55 UTC