Making an Approval Decision within a Proof

As a proof Approver, you can make an approval decision on a proof without leaving the proof.

The following roles can make a decision on a proof:

  • Approvers
  • Reviewers & Approvers
  • Authors
  • Moderators

 For information about the roles that can make proofing decisions, see "Managing Proof Roles."

Submitting a Decision on a Proof

  1. Click Finish review at the top of the proof.
  2. Specify the appropriate decision option.

    Depending on whether your organization has customized the available decision options, the following options might display:

    • Approved: You approve the proof.
    • Approved with Changes: Your approval is dependent upon the requested changes being made to the proof. You do not need to see an updated version of the proof.
    • Changes Required: You request changes be made to the proof.
    • Not Relevant: Your approval is not required for the proof.

    For more information on customizing decisions, see "Configuring Approval Decision Options."

  3. (Optional) To receive an email confirmation of your approval decision, click Send me an email confirmation of my decision.
  4. Click Save.
  5. (Optional) To cancel the decision, click Cancel.
  6. (Optional) To save the decision without submitting, click the Close icon.

Changing a Submitted Approval Decision

After submitting an approval decision on a proof, you can retrieve the proof and change your original approval decision. The proof must be active.

You cannot change approval decisions for proofs that are locked or archived.

To change an approval decision on a proof:

  1. Click Finish review at the top of the proof.
  2. Specify the appropriate decision option.
  3. Click Save to submit your new decision.
    Click Remove my decision to remove your original approval decision.


This article last updated on 2018-09-14 18:09:37 UTC