Legacy Proofing Viewer Overview

Starting reviewing the proof is as easy as clicking the "Go to proof" button in your email notification. This opens the Workfront Proof Viewer with the proof directly in your browser. The new, improved Workfront Proof Viewer is more intuitive and even easier to use application that allows your reviewers efficient access, viewing, commenting and decision making on the proof.

Using the Workfront Proof Viewer for commenting and decisions makes your proofing process run much quicker and smoother than traditional methods of reviewing such as email or hard copy. This is especially true when working with multiple reviewers and proof versions.

Below you will find a guide to the Workfront Proof Viewer user interface as well as instructions on utilizing the main components such as commentingdecisions and comparing versions.

The Workfront Proof Viewer contains:

  • Proof image (1)
  • Proof name (2)
  • Comment and Decision buttons (3)
  • Compare proofs (4)
  • Comments counter (5)
  • Comments views (6)
  • Reviewer's initials (visible when you hover over the square) (7)
  • Other Reviewer's initials showing who else is reviewing proof at the same time (8)
  • Filtering menu (9)
  • Zoom tool (10)
  • Pan mode (11) 
  • Navigation tools (12)
  • Measurement tool (13)
  • Page navigation (14)
  • Expandable sidebar (15)
  • Sidebar icons (16)
  • Versions navigation (17)
This article last updated on 2018-01-31 16:46:41 UTC