Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures allow you to not only enhance security on your proofs; but also, and most importantly, they allow organizations to comply with industry standards, e.g. Title 21CFR Part 11.

This setting can be made mandatory or non-mandatory at the account level. If this setting is mandatory by default, the feature will be enabled on all proofs created in your account, and it will not be possible to disable the feature at proof level. If this setting is non-mandatory by default, you will be able to enable/disable this setting at proof level.

Please see Account settings - Settings tab.

If the electronic-signature setting has been enabled on a proof, after a reviewer makes their decision an electronic-signature pop up box will appear asking them to input their details. The pop-up will show the default message set (if any), and the reviewer will be required to input their email and password.


If Single Sign-On is enabled in Account settings, reviewers will be re-directed from the Electronic Signature pop up to the Single Sign-On page and asked to sign in with their SSO details instead of inputting their Workfront Proof login credentials.

This article last updated on 2017-09-15 16:50:24 UTC