Managing Proof Details in Workfront Proof

The Proof details page lets you manage an existing proof. For example, you can add new reviewers, amend the deadline, change the settings you originally set for the proof, and check what activity has occurred on that proof.

The Proof details page is particularly useful for people in charge of projects, who need to keep track of all changes on a proof. On this page, they can find everything they need to know about a proof in just a few clicks.

For proofing in Workfront, information about the Proof details page is divided into various task-based articles instead of one UI-based article, as it is here.

To find out how to manage Automated Workflow proofs, see "Managing a proof set up with Automated Workflow."

Opening the Proof Details Page from a Views List

  1. Click the More (three dot) menu to the right of the proof, then click View proof details.

 Opening the Proof Details Page from the Proofing Viewer

  1. if the left toolbar is not showing, click the Menu icon, located in the upper-left corner.
  2. Mouse over the left toolbar, then click Proof details.
    NOTE Only Workfront Proof users have access to the Proof details page from the Proof Viewer. This doesn't seem to be true. I can access it from the integrated version proofing viewer. See "Users" for more information.
    Also see "Editing Proof Stages and Reviewers" and "Proof Settings.

Information and Options on the Proof Details Page

You can find the following information on the Proof details page. If you have edit rights on the proof, you can edit some of these details. Workfront Proof saves you changes automatically. For more information, see "Profiles and permissions" and "Proof roles."

NOTE You may not see all of the items on the page, as the option available to you are dependent on your role on the proof, your permissions profile and the settings on the proof. For more information, see "Managing Proof Roles," "Editing User Profiles and Permissions," and "Proof Settings."

  • Proof name: Workfront Proof creates the proof name (in large print in the upper-left corner)  using the name of the original file used to create the proof, unless you name the proof when you are creating it. You can click the name here to edit it. 
  • Basic proof information:
    • Folder: If the proof is stored in a folder, the name of the folder displays along with the number of people with whom the folder has been shared. You can change the proof's location to a different location here. For more information, see "Managing Folders."
    • File Name: For combined proofs, you can Click to view a list of files contained in the proof.
    • Owner: The person who owns the proof. You can choose a different owner for the proof here. For more information, see "Editing User Profiles and Permissions in Workfront Proof."
    • Delegated: If the Out of office function is enabled, the delegated owner of the proof displays. For more information, see "Designating Temporary Proof Owners."
    • Created: Time and date when the proof was uploaded.
    • State: Current state of the proof. You can change the state of the proof here. For more information, see "Viewing the Progress and Status of a Proof in Workfront Proof."
    • ID: A unique number assigned to every proof created in Workfront Proof.
  • Action buttons above basic proof details:
    • Go to proof: Opens the proof in the Proofing Viewer.
    • Share: Lets you share the proof with reviewers. See "Sharing Proofs."
    • Download: For combined proofs, lets you to download individual files (packed to a ZIP file). See "Downloading Original Files."
    • Print comments. Lets you create a printable report of the proof that includes all decisions, comments and markups. See "Printing and Exporting Proofs." 
    • More: This menu provides several actions.
      • Export to Excel: For information about exporting a proof to Excel, see "Printing and Exporting Proofs."
      • Copy this version and Copy with new file: For information about copying a version of a proof, see "Copying Proofs." 
      • Lock: Locking a proof moves it out of the active state into a locked state.
        When a proof is locked, commenting and making decisions is no longer possible on the proof. You can set a proof to automatically lock when all decisions are made by applying this setting on the proof.
        NOTE If you upload a new version of a proof, the previous version are automatically locked. For more information, see "Creating Proof Versions."
      • Change Previous Version: lets you link separate proofs as versions in the same proof chain (and retain all markups and comments on each of the proofs). This must be done from the Proof details page of the proof that is to be the most recent version of the proof. See "Managing Proof Versions" for more information.
      • Remove link to previous version: Lets you unlink the proof you're currently viewing from its parent proof (previous version) without linking it to another proof in your account. For more information, see "Unlinking Proof Versions" in "Managing Proof Versions in Workfront Proof."
      • Convert to automated workflow: Lets you convert the workflow for the proof from basic to automated. For more information, see "Converting a Proof to Automated Workflow"in "Setting Up a Proof With Automated Workflow."
    • Workflow section: Lets you to check the progress and deadline on the proof and modify the settings of workflow stages and individual reviewers.
      Workflow stages are created automatically by the system grouping reviewers using the deadlines set for them. You can add people to stages by setting the stage deadline for them (providing that the deadline date isn't in the past). You can also review the progress and decisions of individual reviewers on the proof and modify their roles on the proof and email alerts.
      For information about editing a stage, see Editing proof stages and reviewers.
      NOTE You must have edit rights on the proof to edit proof stages and reviewers' details. See Roles on a proof and Profiles and permissions for more information.
    • More sharing options section: Lets you enable the Proof URL and the Embed code. If you use the Basecamp integration with Workfront Proof, this section also lets you add the proof to a Basecamp project, change the project the proof was added to (click Edit), and access the proof in Basecamp (click the link provided).
    • Settings section: Lets you change settings as described in "Configuring Proof Settings."
    • Activity section: Shows you a list of all actions performed on the proof in chronological order, providing an audit trail for the proof. This includes the date and details of any recent activity on the proof. Along with the Messages section, the Activity section provides a full overview of the review process on the proof, which is particularly useful to Project Managers in charge of the approval process.
    • Messages section: Lists the details of all email activity for the proof. For more information, see "Proof Notifications and Reminders" and "Email Alerts."
      You can also view the entire message that was sent to the reviewers by hovering over the "i" icon to the right of the message, then clicking Show full message.
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