Managing proofs

Managing proofs

From the Proof details page you can easily manage an existing proof - add new reviewers, amend the deadline, change the settings you originally set on the New proof page or check what activity has occurred on that proof.

This page is particularly useful for people in charge of projects, who need to keep track of all changes on a proof as it will give them access to all necessary information in just a few clicks.

To find out how to manage Automated Workflow proofs, please see the this help page.

The Proof details page can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Using the home button in the Proof Viewer


  • From any list view:
    • Click on the Actions menu
    • Select View proof details

NOTE Only Workfront Proof users have access to the Proof details page and can see the home button in the Proof Viewer.

Please also see Editing proof stages and reviewes and Proof settings.

The Proof details page

The Proof details page has the following sections:

  • Breadcrumb Navigation (1)
  • Proof name (2)
  • Details of the proof (3)
  • Version tabs (4)
  • New version tab (5)
  • Header menu (6)
  • Actions toolbar (7)
  • Workflow (8)
  • More sharing options (9)
  • Settings (10)
  • Activity (11)
  • Messages (12)
  • Custom field section (13)

Breadcrumb navigation
A breadcrumb trail is shown at the top of the page which allows you to see the exact route you took to access this Proof details page (so you can see exactly where in your account the proof is located).

Proof name

The proof name will be taken automatically from the raw file used to create the proof unless you name the proof on the New proof page.

On the Proof details page, you can easily rename your proof by in-line editing the name. To do this, simply click on the proof name, enter the new name and either hit Enter or click outside of the box and the changes will be applied to the proof.


The Details section shows the following details:

  • Folder - name of the folder the proof is in and the number of people with whom the folder has been shared (1) (You can also check the folder share list by clicking the "see the list" link)
  • File name - for combined proofs select the "click to view" link to see a list of files the proof consists of (2)
  • Owner - name of the Owner of the proof (3)
  • Delegatedif the Out of office function is enabled, the delegated owner of the proof will be shown (4)
  • Created - time and date when the proof was uploaded (5)
  • State - current state of the proof (6)
  • Proof ID - a unique number assigned to every proof created in Workfront Proof (7)

In this section you can change:

  • The folder the proof was added to
  • The owner of the proof
  • The state of the proof

To edit the above use inline editing by clicking on the field. You can begin editing immediately this way and when you have finished your changes will be saved automatically.

NOTE You must have edit rights on the proof to be able to edit the proof details (see Profiles and permissions and Proof roles).

The Header menu

The header menu contains the following buttons:


The Actions toolbar

The following action buttons are available at the top of the Proof details page:


  • Share this version
  • Download original - for combined proofs you will be able to download individual files (packed to a ZIP file)
  • Print comments
  • Export to Excel
  • Copy this version
  • Lock
  • Change previous version
  • Go to proof button - clicking this will take you to the proof in the Proof Viewer

NOTE You may not see all of the above buttons on the page, as the option available to you are dependent on your role on the proof, your permissions profile and the settings on the proof.

Share this version
You can add additional reviewers to the proof using the Share this version button.

Please go to our Sharing proofs help page for additional information

Download original
This button will allow you to download the original file that was used to create the proof.

It's only be visible if this option is allowed on the proof.

Please see our Downloading original files help page for more details on this.

Print comments
Using this function will allow you to create a printable report of the proof (that will include all decisions, comments and markups).

Please see Printing and exporting proofs for more information on this.

Export to Excel
You can create an Excel summary of the proof using this button - please see Printing and exporting proofs

Copy this version
Users with edit rights on the proof can use the copy button to create a copy of the proof, either as a new version or a new proof.

Please go to the Copy page to find out more.

Locking a proof
Locking the proof moves it out of the active state into a locked state. When a proof is locked, commenting and making decisions is no longer possible on that proof.


  • If you upload a new version of a proof, the previous version will automatically be locked
  • You can set a proof to automatically lock when all decisions are made by applying this setting on the proof.

Change previous version
This function lets you link separate proofs as versions in the same proof chain (and retain all markups and comments on each of the proofs).

This must be done from the Proof details page of the proof that is to be the most recent version of the proof.

Please see Managing proof versions.


The Workflow section allows you to check the progress on the proof, the proof deadline and review and modify the settings of workflow stages and individual reviewers.


Workflow stages are created automatically by the system grouping reviewers using the deadlines set for them. You can add people to stages by setting the stage deadline for them (providing that the deadline date isn't in the past).

It is not possible to modify the deadline for individual reviewers (i.e. you cannot move people between stages)


The Stage section contains the following information:

  • Stage progress
  • Stage status
  • Stage deadline
  • Stage action menu (available on hover over) - from here you can perform the following actions:
  • Message all reviewers in the stage
  • Share - add reviewers to that stage (the stage deadline is automatically populated on the Share this version page) - please see Sharing a proof for reference
  • Delete stage - all reviewers from the stage will be removed from the proof
NOTE You must have edit rights on the proof to modify proof stages. Please see Roles on a proof and Profiles and permissions for more information.

To find out how to edit a stage, please go to Editing proof stages and reviewers.

You can review the progress and decisions of individual reviewers on the proof as well as modify their roles on the proof and email alerts.
The following reviewer information is displayed in the Workflow section:
  • Reviewer's name (display name in case of guest reviewers who subscribed themselves to the proof)
  • Number of comments and replies
  • Reviewer's individual progress bar
  • Decision made by the reviewer
  • Reviewer's proof role
  • Email alert set for the reviewer
  • Action button (available on hover over) that allows you to perform the following actions:
  • Message reviewer
  • Edit - lets you edit the display name, proof role and email alert for that reviewer
  • Make owner of the proof
  • Make primary decision maker
  • Remove the reviewer from the proof
NOTE You must have edit rights on the proof to edit a reviewer's details - please see Roles on a proof and Profiles and permissions for more information.

Editing proof reviewers is described in details on the Editing proof stages and reviewers help page.

Primary decision maker 
You can set a Primary decision maker on a proof and, irrespective of the decisions made by the other decision-makers, the decision of the Primary decision maker will determine the overall Status of the proof.

NOTE If a Primary Decision Maker is selected, you will not be able to select the Only one decision required setting for the proof.

More sharing options


The More sharing options section allows you to:

  • Enable the Proof URL
  • Enable the Embed code
  • Add the proof to a Basecamp project (if your account is integrated with a Basecamp account) or change the project the proof was added to (click the Edit link)
  • Access the proof in Basecamp (simply click on the link provided)

Proof settings


Proof settings can be selected originally on the New proof page or edited in the Proof Details page. You can save defaults for these settings in your Personal Settings.

  • Locking: Lock the proof when all decisions are made
  • Secure proofing: Login Required
  • Decisions: Only one decision required
  • Electronic signatures: Require decisions to be electronically signed
  • Allow: Download of original file
  • Allow: Subscription

Proof settings are described in detail on the Proof settings help page.


Proof details page shows you a list of all actions performed on the proof in a chronological order, providing an audit trail for the proof. It includes the date and details of any recent activity on the proof.

You can see the following details in the Activity section:

  • When the proof was uploaded
  • When the original file was downloaded from the proof
  • When the proof folder was changed
  • When the reviewer's role was changed
  • When the proof was shared with the other reviewers
  • When the deadline was changed on the proof
  • When the proof is firstly opened by the reviewer
  • When a decision was made on the proof
  • When the proof status was changed
  • When the proof state was changed
  • When the proof ownership was changed
  • When the proof was archived*
  • When the proof was unarchived
  • When the ownership of the proof was delegated to another user
  • When the proof delegation was reverted

In conjunction with the Messages section you will have the full overview of the review process on the proof, which is particularly useful to Project Managers in charge of the approval process.

* If System is logged as the user who archived the proof, this means that the proof was automatically archived after 30 days of inactivity.

Please see Archiving proofs for more details.


In the Messages section you can view the details of all email activity for the proof. The list includes Notifications, Reminders and Alerts. Here you can also view the entire message that was sent to the reviewer(s).

To do so:

  • Click on the i icon that is available to the right of each message listed - it will appear on hover - over (1)


  • A pop up message with the full text of the message will come up


Renaming proofs

To rename a proof:

  • Go to the Proof details page
  • Click on the proof name (1)
  • Start editing the name
  • When you are finished, click outside of the box or hit Enter and the changes will be saved
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