Progress and status of proofs

Proof progress

It's easy to see the progress of your proofs using the proof progress bar.

The Progress bar (1) is displayed in all lists views in your account (e.g. Dashboard, all items view, etc), as well as the Proof details page.

The Progress bar shows you at-a-glance the progress that has been made on a proofs. You can quickly scan down the proof list to see where reviewers have got to with each proof.

The letters used in the Progress bar are:

  • S = Sent (meaning that the proof has been sent to reviewers)
  • O = Opened (meaning that either the Proof details page has been opened or the proof itself has been opened in the Proof Viewer)
  • C = Comments made (meaning that the comments have been made on the proof) *
  • D = Decision made (meaning that a decision has been made on the proof)**

* NOTE If there are no reviewers on the proof (i.e. no people who are to make comments and markups only), the C will not appear in the progress bar
** NOTE If there are no approvers/decision makers on the proof (i.e., no people that have to make a decision on the proof), the D will not appear in the progress bar.

The colors used in the progress bar have the following meanings:


  • White = not complete
  • Orange = not complete and deadline is less than 24 hours
  • Red = not complete and passed deadline
  • Green = complete

NOTE The overall progress of the proof will be driven by the “worst case” participant, e.g., let's say that there are four reviewer and approvers on the proof, each of them needing to make a decision. If three of them have made their decision but the fourth one hasn't, the overall progress bar for the proof will not show the letter D in green because of the outstanding decision.

Breakdown of proof progress for each reviewer

To see the progress of each individual participant on a proof, click the Plus icon (1) next to the proof image to expand the proof summary.

This section shows the entire workflow as well as the progress bar for each stage and each person on the proof. It means that you can quickly and easily see who you need to follow up with to complete their role on the proof.

In the example below you can see that one of the participants has opened the proof but hasn't made any comments, and two others haven't even opened the proof yet.

You can also see that the proof deadline is less that 24 hours, as all boxes on the progress bar are orange.


You can also send reminders to all participants on the proof by clicking the stage actions button (2) and choosing Message all (3). Please see Messaging reviewers for more information.

Proof status

The proof status (1) is displayed in all list views in your account (e.g. Dashboard, All items view, etc), as well as the Proof details page.

It shows you the status of the proof in terms of decisions made on the proof.

The standard status options are Pending, Approved, Approved with Changes, Changes Required, Not Relevant.

If you have set up custom decisions in your account, the status options will be per your custom decisions settings.

The status of the proof is calculated in a similar way to the proof progress bar (see above).

The status of the proof will be driven by the “worst case” scenario, as shown in the below example. We can see that there are three decisions on the proof: two Accepted (1) and one Rejected (2).

The "worst case" decision of Rejected over-rules the other decisions and the overall status of the proof will be shown as Rejected (3). 


Proof state

In Workfront Proof, proofs can have four different states. These are Active, Locked, Draft, Submitted. The details of each state are shown below.


Proofs that were uploaded to Workfront Proof via the New proof page or the Desktop Uploader will appear as active in your account once they are processed.

Proofs that were submitted via the Dropzone will only show as active if this setting has been enabled in the Dropzone settings. If this setting has not been enabled, the proof will need to be manually activated.

If you would like to see all of your Active proofs, you can use the Active proofs view which is one of the Standard views available.

When you finish reviewing a proof you can lock it. Locking the proof will mean that comments and decisions can no longer be made, but still allows the proof to be opened (but with no comment or decision buttons).

A proof can be unlocked by any user with edit rights on that proof (please see Profiles and permissions for more information).

Email notifications will not be sent for locked proofs, e.g. if a proof is locked before it's deadline and subsequently hits its deadline whilst locked.

NOTE To view all of your locked proofs, select the Locked proofs view, one of the Standard views available in the Sidebar.

Draft (Dropzone only)

When a file is submitted via the Dropzone but before the submission is completed, the proof will show in your Dropzone with a state of Draft.

Submitted (Dropzone only)

Once a Dropzone submission has been completed, the proof will show in your Dropzone with a state of Submitted.

This article last updated on 2017-09-15 16:13:51 UTC