The Folder Details Page

The Folder details page allows you to manage your folder and the items in the folder with ease.


  1. On the Folders tab in the left navigation panel, click the folder name (1).Accessing_Folder_Details.png
    The Folder details page includes:
    • Breadcrumb navigation (1)
    • The folder icon (2)
    • Folder name (3)
      You can click the name and edit it to rename the folder.
    • Folder details (4)
    • Shared with (5)
    • Activity (6)
    • Messages (7)Folder_details_page.png
      NOTE If the folder contains only archived proofs, a message displays at the top of the page. If you click the link in the message, the folder view changes to the Archived proofs view. archived_items.png
  2. In the Folder details section, do any of the following:
    • Add or edit the thumbnail image for the folder (1).
      You can drag and drop the file into position if you are using a browser which fully supports HTML5.
    • View or edit the description of the folder (2).
    • View or edit the parent folder (3).
      You can drag one folder into another.
    • View the share list of the parent folder (4).
    • Make the folder private (5).
    • Change the owner of the folder (6).
    • See when the folder was created (7).
    • See who created the folder (8).
    • Add or edit the client name (9).
    • Add or edit the name of the project (10).Folder_details.png
  3. (Optional) In the Shared with section, to send a reminder to a reviewer on the proof, click the More (three dot) menu next to the user's name (1), then click Message (2).
    You can click Remove (3) to unshare the folder with the person.Shared_with.png
    Owners and creators of folders always appear on this list and are not be removable. If a user takes over the ownership of a folder, they automatically appear and are not be removable.
    You can share a folder with individual users and Partner companies. If the folder is shared with a Partner company, you can see the full list of recipients by clicking the information icon which appears when hovering over the row. For more information, see "Partner Accounts."
  4. (Optional) Edit the Manager's permissions on private folders by clicking in line (1) and specifying if you want the person to be able to create, edit and delete items from that folder.Manager_permissions.pngNOTE This option is available only for Managers from the same account as the folder owner who are added to private folders. Supervisors, Administrators and Billing Administrators have edit rights over all folders in the account and Observers cannot create any items. For information about permissions, see the "Editing User Profiles and Permissions."
  5. (Optional) In the Activity section of the Folder details page view all actions performed in the folder in a chronological order.Activity_section.png
  6. (Optional) In the Messages section, check the messages that were sent to users on the folder.
    You can click the i icon at the right (1) to view the full message sentMessages_1.pngA pop up with the full email displays:Messages_2.png
This article last updated on 2018-10-12 23:58:19 UTC