Managing folder items

The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

Managing folder items

One of the benefits of organizing your projects and proofs into folders is the ability to manage them through the Folder details page. This page is a control center for your project, from here you can conveniently manage individual proofs and files as well as perform bulk actions.

The expandable proof summary lets you quickly check the progress of each proof and edit some of the proof details. This is described in more detail on the following section below.

To perform actions on multiple items in the folder, simply select the items on the list and then select the desired action from the toolbar at the top of the page. For detailed instructions, please go to the section below.

You can also use folders to group proofs that you want reviewers to work on together. When reviewers open one of the proofs in the folder to launch the proofing viewer all of the proofs are available. Reviewers can work on any proof in the folder without leaving the proofing viewer. For more information, see "Working with Multiple Proofs in the Proofing Viewer."

Managing individual proofs

Proof summary

Each proof in the folder has an expandable summary that lets you quickly view and edit the details of the proof. To collapse the summary, simply click on the arrow (1).

summary_1.pngThe summary includes the following:

  • Workflow (2)
  • Version (3)
  • Folder (4)
  • State (5)

In the summary, you can view and edit the following details of your proof:

  • Proof progress (1)
  • Progress of each stage (2)
  • Deadline set for the stage (3)
  • Reviewer details:
    • Number of comments and replies made by each reviewer (4)
    • Each reviewer's progress (5)
    • Decision (if a decision has included an electronic-signatures, an icon will be shown next to the decision indicating this.) (6)
    • Role on the proof (7)
    • Email alert settings (8)

NOTE Your ability to edit the proof details depends on your permission profile in the account and the role on the proof.


Stage Actions Menu

Every stage of your workflow has a separate menu, allowing you to perform bulk actions related to the reviewers in that stage.

The Stage actions menu appears when you hover over the Stage section (1) and allows you to

  • Message all (2)
  • Share (3)
  • Delete stage (4)

NOTE The availability of these options depends on your rights on the proof (see Profiles and permissions and Proof roles ).


Reviewer Actions Menu

In the Summary section, you can also access the reviewer actions menus, provided you have edit rights on the proof. For more information, see "Profiles and permissions" and "Proof roles." 

The Reviewer actions menu (1) appears when you hover over the Reviewer's details and allows you to:

  • Send a message to the reviewer (2)
  • Edit reviewer's details (3)- lets you edit the display name, proof role and email alert for that reviewer
  • Make them the owner of the proof (4)
  • Make them the primary decision maker (5)
  • Remove from the proof (6)

NOTE The visibility of these options depends on your rights on the proof (see Profiles and permissions and Proof roles ).


Proof Actions Menu

Each proof also has a menu (1) that allows you to perform the below actions:

  • You can access the Proof details page (2)
  • Share the proof with other people (3)
  • Send a message to reviewers (4)
  • Create a new version of the proof (5)
  • Copy the proof (6)
  • Download the original file (7)
  • Share proof links (8)
  • Print comments (9)
  • Request an Excel summary of the proof (10)
  • Lock the proof (11)
  • Delete the proof (12)

NOTE The availability of these options depends on your rights on the proof (see Profiles and permissions and Proof roles).

Managing Multiple Proofs

The Folder details page allows you to perform actions on multiple items a the same time.

  • Select one or more items from the list (1)
  • Click on Tags (2) to add a tag to these items
  • Click on Move to (3) to move the selected items to a different folder (or move the items out of the folder if you select (No folder selected))
  • Click Share selected items (4) to share all of these items with additional reviewers
  • Click Delete (5) to move the selected items to the Trash
  • Open the More menu (6) for additional actions available (see below) 

More Actions

Additional actions available in the More menu (1) are:

  • Locking (2) and Activating (3) folder proofs
  • Archiving (4) and Unarchiving (5) proofs
  • Assign a new owner to the items (6)
  • Delegating the ownership of proofs to another user (7)
  • Download original files (8)


Adding Items to a Folder

A new item can be added to a folder by selecting a folder in the Organize section of the following pages:

NOTE If you are currently viewing the folder you would like to add a new item to, when you open the New proof page or the New file page, the folder you were previously viewing will appear automatically in the Organize section of the page.

An existing item can be added to a folder by editing the Folder field in the following pages:

Moving Items Out of a Folder

An item can be moved out of a folder as follows:

  1. Go to the Proof details page/File details page (1)
  2. In the Details section, edit the Folder field - choose "(No folder selected)" (2)

For more information, see "Folder details page."


Managing Files

You can easily manage your files from the Folder details page using the actions menu (1):

  • You can view the File details page (2)
  • Convert the file to a proof (3)
  • Share the file with additional people (4)
  • Download the original file (5)
  • Delete the file (6)

For more information, see "Folder details page."

NOTE If you are not the creator or owner of the file, the options available will depend on your user Profiles and permissions.

Managing Sub-Folders

You can manage the sub-folders from the Folders detail page by clicking on the actions menu (1) for the sub-folder.

The following options are available for sub-folders:

  • Go to the Folder details page (2)
  • Add a new proof to that sub-folder (3)
  • Create a new sub-folder (4)
  • Share the sub-folder with users (5)
  • Request an Excel summary of the sub-folder (6)
  • Delete the sub-folder (7)

For more information, see "Folder details page."

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