Avoiding spam filters

Spam filters

Your email client's spam filter serves a good purpose: protecting you from annoying and possibly malicious spam emails. But, if you don't have the correct settings in the spam filter, it can keep you from seeing important emails such as those from ProofHQ: proof email notifications, newsletters, and special communications.

To make sure that your ProofHQ emails are always routed to your inbox instead of your spam folder, you should white list the following:

  • ProofHQ mail server -
  • ProofHQ "from" email addresses (e.g.

ProofHQ "from" email addresses

Depending on your type of email client, you might need to add ProofHQ "from" email addresses to one of the following to prevent the spam filter from routing your emails to your spam folder in the future:
  • Your contacts list
  • Your safe senders list
  • A filter that you create to deliver emails from those addresses to your inbox
You might also need to remove any existing ProofHQ emails from your spam folder and check whether any of the "from" addresses are on the blocked address list. This help page lists the ProofHQ "from" addresses and shows how to add them to the spam filter in the following email clients:
  • Aol
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 - 2007
  • Windows Live Hotmail
  • Yahoo Mail
NOTE This information is current as of July 2011. If you have any questions about a procedure described here, please check your email client's help.

The ProofHQ "from" email addresses to copy

To make sure that your ProofHQ emails reach your inbox, you will need to add two ProofHQ email addresses separately to your email client's spam filter:
  • The general support address,, from which ProofHQ sends out many email communications
  • A notification address from which ProofHQ sends proof notification emails to the proof creator and the reviewers with links to the proof. This might be a general address,, or a specific address if you have a customized subdomain or a white label domain.
Here's what to do to add ProofHQ "from" addresses to your email client's filter:
  1. Copy the general ProofHQ support "from" email address ( and paste it into the field indicated for your email client.
  2. Copy the appropriate one of the following ProofHQ "from" email addresses and paste it SEPARATELY into the field indicated for your email client:
    • if you do NOT have a customized subdomain or a white label domain
    • if you have a customized subdomain; substitute your subdomain name in this address
    • if you have a white label domain; substitute your subdomain name and domain name in this address
See the relevant section below for your email client to find out where to paste in these two ProofHQ "from" addresses.