Changing Email Alert Settings for a Proof in Workfront Proof

You can change the email alert settings for the reviewers on a proof.

You can also change the email alerts you receive for a proof on which you are a reviewer.

Changing the Email Alerts for the Reviewers on a Proof

  1. From any list view, click the More menu to the right of the proof.
  2. Click View proof details.
  3. On the Proof details page, open the email alert dropdown menu for a reviewer, and then select the new setting.
  4. (Optional) Repeat step 3 for any other reviewers.

Changing Email Alert Settings for a Proof You are Reviewing

  1. Open the proof in the Proofing Viewer.
  2. Click the Details page icon in the lower left corner of the Proofing Viewer.
  3. In the Proof details page that appears, under Email alerts, click the option you want in the dropdown menu.


This article last updated on 2019-02-28 20:28:31 UTC