The New proof email

The New proof email
New Proof emails are sent to all reviewers when you create a new proof or when you add a new reviewer to an existing proof.

You can decide if you want your reviewers to receive this notification by selecting/un-selecting the "Notify people by email" tick box on the new proof/new version page (see below).
A New proof email contains:
  • Your personal message (if you chose to include one)
  • Personal link to the proof
  • Thumbnail of the proof image
  • The following proof details:
    • Proof name
    • Version number
    • List of the reviewers and their progress on the proof
    • A link to Share the proof with someone else*
* This allows you to share the proof url and/or the download link for the original file. Please note that this option does not allow you to explicitly add reviewers to the proof, you will only be sharing the public proof url, and the recipient will receive read only access to the proof.

Please see Sharing proofs for more information.

If you don't want this link to appear on your recipient's email, you should disable the Public Sharing settings on the proof (Download original file and Public url).

See Managing proofs for more information.

The activity log

Sending a New Proof email to a reviewer is logged in the Activity section of the Proof details page. You can check if the New Proof email was enabled at the time of creating a proof.

The New proof page: Enabling the new proof email and including a custom message

You can select whether or not to send email alerts on the New proof page under the Share section:
  • Here you can decide if you want to Notify people by email (1). If you untick this option none of your reviewers will receive an email to let them know that the proof is ready for their review.
  • You can also choose to include a Custom message in the email notification (2).
  • If you decide to add your own custom message you will be able to put in a customized subject line (3) and a message in the body of the email (4).
  • To discard the custom message simply click on the link (5).
NOTE If you always send the same custom message to your reviewers, it might be a good idea to save it in your Personal settings under the Proofing defaults tab.


The Proof details page: Enabling the new proof email and including a custom message

You can select if a new reviewer added to an existing proof will be notified of the proof (similar to above).
  • First, add new reviewers by clicking the Share this Version button on the Proof details page (1)
  • A pop - up box will appear that will allow you to add new reviewers. You can then decide if you want them to be notified by email (2) and choose to add a custom message to the email (3).
  • If you choose to add a custom message, the pop - up will expand and you will be able to put in a custom subject line (4) and custom text in the body of the email (5). You can also discard the custom message by clicking on the link (6).