Reviewing a proof in NetSuite

netsuite_icon.pngIntroduction to reviewing proofs in NetSuite

The NetSuite - Workfront Proof integration allows you to review and approve the proofs without leaving NetSuite. You don't need a Workfront Proof login to take a part in the proofing process. In addition, you can report on your progress via the NetSuite tasks created for you in the connected NetSuite projects.

On the Task page you can check:

  • The proof name and version (1) - both included in the task name
  • Task creator (2) - a person who added you to the proof via NetSuite integration
  • Task completion date (3) - a date set for you by the person who added you to the proof. 

Opening a proof

To open the connected proof in NetSuite open your assigned task,

  • Click the Proof URL (4) to open the proof in a full-page Workfront Proof Viewer, in a separate tab of your browser
  • Choose "Edit" option (5) on your Task page to open the task in the edit mode and the connected proof will open inside the task page (in the Workfront Proof tab) as en embedded miniproof. 

Alternatively, you can open the project in NetSuite, go to the Schedule tab and open the proofs via the Proof URLs (6).


If you're a Workfront Proof user and you're logged in to your Workfront Proof account in a separate tab of your browser, the system will automatically recognize you and you'll be able to start adding comments (7) and making decisions (8) right away. 


Signing in to a proof

If you're not signed in to your Workfront Proof account or you don't have a Workfront Proof account at all, you will be asked to sign in to the shared proof first, so the system could recognize you and assign you the right role and permissions. This will allow you to add comments and make the decisions on the proof.


  • Click the Sign in button (1) visible at the top of the Workfront Proof Viewer/miniproof
  • Enter your email address (2) - remember to use an email address registered on your NetSuite profile
  • Click "Next" to proceed

Then, in the next field (3):

  • Enter your Workfront Proof password - if you have your own Workfront Proof account
  • Enter your name/screen name - if your email address is not connected to any Workfront Proof user profile

Check the Remember me box (4) in the Sign in pop-up and the system will save your email address so you won't have to enter it in the pop-up going forward.

Once you're singed in to the proof you can start your reviewing process.

Reviewing a proof in NetSuite

When you open a proof inside your NetSuite task it is displayed as a miniproof. Here you'll find all the tools to you need to add comments, markups, and make the decisions.


  • Proof name (1)
  • Comment and Decision buttons (2) - these buttons are displayed as per your role on the proof
  • Presence indicator (3) showing who else is viewing the proof
  • Full-size button (4)
  • Comments display, sorting and filtering options (5) 
  • Pins on the proof pages (6) indicating the markups connected to the existing comments
  • Zoom, navigation and measurement tools (7)
  • Sidebar (8)
  • Version indicator (9)
  • Pages navigation tools (10)

Adding comments

To start adding comments:

  • Click the Add comment button
  • Type your comment in the comment box
  • Use markups to point to the particular areas on the proof
  • Save your comment

Once your comment is saved a new comment box will automatically open.

If you have a Reviewer role assigned and you only see the Add comments button at the top of the Workfront Proof Viewer, you can simply navigate away from the proof once your commenting is done. You can then proceed with completing your task in NetSuite.

NOTE Your NetSuite task will not close automatically once you finish your review.

Making decisions

If your decision is required on the shared proof, the Finish review button will be displayed at the top of the Workfront Proof Viewer window. Use this option to submit your decision:

  • Click the Finish Review button
  • Select your decision
  • Check the email confirmation option if you wish to receive such notification
  • Click Save to submit your decision

Once your work with the proof is done edit your NetSuite task as per your internal requirements.

NOTE Your NetSuite task will not be modified automatically.

For more details on how to review a proof see our short Reviewer's Guide.

Review the full-page proof

You can display the full-page proof with all of the Workfront Proof normal functionality by clicking either the Proof URL in your NetSuite task or the full screen icon in the top right corner of the miniproof.

The proof image displayed inside the Workfront Proof Viewer is still the original size, but the interface itself is fit to your browser window. The options and functions are the same as in the miniproof and you can find more detailed descriptions about commenting and making decisions on our Help pages.


Also see Reviewing proofs.

This article last updated on 2017-09-15 21:03:04 UTC