Reviewing a proof in Basecamp Classic

Introduction to reviewing proofs in Basecamp Classic using Workfront Proof

Basecamp Classic integration with Workfront Proof makes it easy for you to review and approve proofs without leaving Basecamp!

You don't even need a Workfront Proof login to use all of the review tools to make comments and decisions on proofs:

  • Your project review team will receive a message in Basecamp with a miniproof for your review
  • You can add comments and markups, make decisions on the miniproof, or switch to the full-page proof for review if you prefer
  • You can also edit or delete your comments and markups
    NOTE Once a comment has been replied to, it cannot be edited/deleted.
  • You can see and respond to the comments and markups of the other reviewers
  • If a new version of the proof is added to your Basecamp project for review, your team will receive another message in Basecamp with a miniproof

If you are not a user of Workfront Proof, you can still work on the proof in Basecamp. All you need to do is enter your email address and screen name!

You can also choose to 'remember me' so you only need to enter these details once.

View the proof via the notification email

If you link a proof to Basecamp, Workfront Proof will send a proof notification email to all reviewers containing:

  • The proof message (custom or standard)(1)
  • Proof details (2)
  • Personal URL (Go to Proof link) (3) - click this to open the proof in Workfront Proof
  • Link to the Basecamp project message (4) - click this to open the proof in Basecamp *
  • Proof progress (5)
  • Reviewers and their individual progress (6)


NOTE If you do not have a Basecamp session open in another browser window, you must sign in to your Basecamp account before you can see the message in Basecamp.

* If non-Basecamp reviewers have been added to the proof, their email notification will not include the Basecamp link.

View the proof via the Basecamp Classic message

When you receive an email notification about a new proof added to your Basecamp Classic project:

  • In Basecamp, go to your project page(1)
  • Open the message for your proof (2)


The message page contains:

  • The name of the proof (in the subject)(3)
  • A link to the full screen Proof Viewer (4)

If you are logged in to your Workfront Proof account in one of your browsers windows, you can start reviewing right away. If you cannot see your name in bottom left corner of miniproof:

  • Click the Sign In button (5)
  • Type your email address (which was used to add you to the proof)(6)
  • Click Next and in a second pop-up input your Workfront Proof password. (7) If you don't have a Workfront Proof account - enter a public name to display. (You can select "remember me" so you only have to input your details once.)

NOTE The comment box shown below the miniproof on the message page applies ONLY to the message itself. To submit review comments, you must use the comments icon button at the top of the miniproof or the larger Comments button at the top of the full-page proof.

Now you're ready to proceed with reviewing the proof in Basecamp!

Reviewing your proof in Basecamp

Reviewing a proof in Basecamp Classic is as easy as in Workfront Proof itself.

The miniproof in Basecamp provides you with all the tools you need to add comments, mark-ups, and make decisions on the proof.


  • Proof image (1)
  • Proof name and version (2)
  • Comment and Decision buttons (3)
  • Action menus (4)
  • Full-screen button (5)
  • Sidebar (6)
  • User name (7)
  • Zoom tools (8)
  • Page navigation tools (9)

There is no need to send a response to the Basecamp message, as the comments and decisions will be saved on the proof (as they are when reviewing a proof within Workfront Proof).

Making Comments and Decisions

You can make comments and decisions in the same way as you would if you were reviewing your proof in Workfront Proof.

Please see Reviewing proofs.

Everyone involved in the project will see your markups and comments and will be able to respond in a real time.

This article last updated on 2017-09-15 21:08:24 UTC