Basecamp integration overview

basecamp_icon.pngBasecamp integration overview

Basecamp is a leading web-based project management and collaboration tool. It provides to-do lists, file sharing, time tracking and messages, schedules and milestones in a simple and easy-to-use way.

The ProofHQ integration with Basecamp helps you significantly improve review and approval of creative assets in Basecamp by enabling online proofing functionality right inside your Basecamp account. When you create proofs in ProofHQ account you can connect them to a project in Basecamp. Reviewers will be able to use ProofHQ’s rich commenting and markup tools and make decisions directly inside Basecamp. ProofHQ helps you to speed up your creative project delivery, reduce the time you spend managing approvals and reduce the number of design revisions.

Key benefits
  • Save Time: Easily track the status of comments, feedback and decisions
  • Faster Speed to Market: Deliver design projects faster with shorter review cycles and fewer revisions
  • Reduce Costs: Reduce the time you spend managing reviews and reworking designs
  • Full Accountability: Keep a complete record of all comments and decisions timestamped, stored and organized in a traceable audit trail

Key features

  • Access and review the proof via the Basecamp message
  • Link proofs in ProofHQ directly to your Basecamp projects
  • Add Basecamp team members to your ProofHQ proofs with just one click
  • See all comments and replies from ProofHQ inside your Basecamp project
  • Provide Basecamp users with rich markup, commenting and feedback tools
  • Allow your Basecamp project team to proof different media types including print, digital, web, video and interactive 
  • See all versions of your proof inside Basecamp
  • ProofHQ is integrated with both versions of Basecamp; the classic version and new 2012 Basecamp version 
  • Integration is available on all ProofHQ plans, including free trials

Access and review the proof via the Basecamp message


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