Integrating Workfront Proof with Basecamp

If you use Basecamp for project management you can offer your project team richer review and approval tools using Workfront Proof.

Understanding the Basecamp Integration with Workfront

Integrating with Basecamp allows users to view, review, and approve proofs all within Basecamp. Users can submit proofs to your Workfront Proof account and connect them with your Basecamp project. Your reviewers can comment and make decisions via Basecamp, using the mini proof embedded in your Basecamp message.

When integrated with Workfront Proof, Basecamp allows users to do the following with proofs:

  • Users can review and approve proofs within Basecamp Classic.
  • Users have review tools readily available.
  • Project review teams receive a message in Basecamp with a mini proof for review and approval.
  • Users can switch to a full-page proof for review and approval.
  • Users can add comments and markups to both mini- and full-sized proofs.
    NOTE Once a comment has been replied to, it cannot be edited/deleted.
  • Reviewers can respond to the comments and markups made by other reviewers.
  • Users are alerted when a new version of proof is available.
  • Users who are not Workfront Proof users can work on a proof in Basecamp.

The integration of Workfront Proof with Basecamp must be set up on two levels:

You can integrate Workfront with either Basecamp or Basecamp Classic. Each version of Basecamp uses a different API and, therefore, requires different configuration procedures.

For information on configuring Basecamp, see "Integrating Workfront Proof with Basecamp" in this article.

For information on configuring Basecamp Classic, see "Integrating Workfront Proof with Basecamp Classic."

Enabling the Basecamp Integration with Workfront Proof
As a Billing Administrator or Administrator, you can set up Basecamp integration for the whole account in your Account settings.

  1. Go to Account settings.
  2. Open the Integrations tab (1).
  3. To enable the Basecamp integration, click Enable (2).

    Once you integrate Workfront Proof with Basecamp, your users can configure their personal settings. For information on setting up personal settings, see "Configuring Personal Settings."

Configuring Personal Settings

After you set up Account settings for your Organization, each one of your authors that creates/submits proofs should set their personal settings.

  1. Go to Personal settings.
  2. Open the Integrations tab (1).
  3. To enable the Basecamp integration, click Enable (2).
  4. Click Connect to your Basecamp account (3).

  5. Log in to your Basecamp account (1).
  6. Click Yes, I'll allow access to authorize Workfront Proof access to your account (2).
  7. (Optional) When your personal integration is active (3), you can switch easily between your Basecamp accounts.
    1. Clicking Switch Basecamp account (4).
      The Switch Basecamp Account takes you to the Personal Settings page, where you can choose which of your Basecamp accounts you want to integrate with your Workfront Proof account.
    2. Click Re-Integrate with Basecamp (5) before choosing the Basecamp account
      This refreshes the Personal Settings page and shows your most up-to-date list of Basecamp accounts.
    3. Click Integrate with this account to connect it with Workfront Proof.
      You can now add proofs to Basecamp projects.
This article last updated on 2018-09-21 21:13:03 UTC