Integrating your account with Basecamp

basecamp_icon.png Getting started with Basecamp

Basecamp is an online project-management tool developed by 37signals. If you use Basecamp for project management you can offer your project team richer review and approval tools using ProofHQ.

  • Improve how you get feedback on proofs using Basecamp
  • Link proofs in ProofHQ direct to your Basecamp projects
  • Add Basecamp team members to your ProofHQ proofs with just one click
  • See all comments and replies from ProofHQ inside your Basecamp project
  • See all versions of your proof inside Basecamp

When your ProofHQ account and Basecamp account are connected you can start adding new proofs or existing ones to the projects you run in Basecamp.

Adding reviewers is easy, as you can choose people from your Basecamp team or add non-users by entering email addresses (they don't even need to have a ProofHQ account).

Reviewers will be notified by email about new proofs to review and they can view, comment and make decisions on the proofs in their Basecamp account using the ProofHQ miniproof.

Basecamp is currently available in two versions:

Basecamp and Basecamp Classic use different information (different APIs) to let your Basecamp project team view and review proofs using the ProofHQ interface so the steps to integrate each version of Basecamp with ProofHQ are different.

The steps to integrate your ProofHQ account with Basecamp are listed below, for Basecamp Classic please follow this link.

Press_play__1_.pngSetting up ProofHQ and Basecamp integration video tutorial


basecamp_icon.pngIntegrating your ProofHQ account with Basecamp

You can now integrate your ProofHQ account with the new version of Basecamp.

Integrating with Basecamp allows you and your team to to view, review, and approve proofs all within Basecamp. You can submit proofs to your ProofHQ account and connect them with your Basecamp project. Your reviewers will be able to comment and make decisions via Basecamp, using the miniproof embedded in your Basecamp message.

The integration must be set up on two levels:

TICK.pngBasecamp setup in Account settings

As a Billing Administrator or Administrator you can set up Basecamp integration for the whole account in your Account settings.

To do this:


Integration with the new version of Basecamp will be chosen by default. You can change it to Basecamp Classic by clicking the "Switch to Basecamp Classic" link (3).

After that, proceed with Basecamp Classic Integration.


TICK.pngBasecamp setup in Personal settings

After you set up Account settings for your Organization, each one of your authors that creates/submits proofs should set their own Personal settings:


Then follow the instructions on your screen to allow ProofHQ access your Basecamp account.

  • Log in to your Basecamp account (1)
  • Authorize ProofHQ access to you account (2)



When your personal integration is active (3) you can switch easily between your Basecamp accounts by clicking Switch Basecamp account (4).


Clicking the Switch Basecamp Account link will take you to the page shown below where you'll be able to choose which of your Basecamp accounts you wish to integrate your ProofHQ account with.

We advise you to always click the Re-Integrate with Basecamp link (5) before choosing the Basecamp account as this will refresh the page and show your most up to date list of Basecamp accounts.

After that click Integrate with this account to connect it with ProofHQ.


NOTE This option is only available with the New Basecamp integration. If you want to integrate your ProofHQ account with the Classic version of Basecamp, you should follow the steps on our Basecamp Classic Integration page.

This completes your Basecamp integration setup. Now you can add proofs to Basecamp projects.

See also Reviewing a proof in Basecamp and Adding a proof to your Basecamp project.

This article last updated on 2017-08-30 16:15:15 UTC