SocialBridge™ by Central Desktop

Social Bridge Overview

SocialBridge® by Central Desktop is a cloud-based social collaboration platform that enables advertising and marketing agencies to share files, centralize communication, and streamline creative and operational processes. The ProofHQ online proofing capabilities are seamlessly integrated into the SocialBridge Review+Approve interface so you can keep all project files, discussions and proofs in one centralized location.

If you are looking for ways to improve agency/client collaboration, listen to the following webinar recording, where experts from Central Desktop, ProofHQ and mutual client The Summit Group provide lots of useful insight and information.

Benefits of SocialBridge with ProofHQ integration
  • Centralized area to follow all file and proof activity
    • Automate proof routing based on document status, notifying responsible parties of proof decisions and view comments in a threaded format
    • Transparent feedback from clients eliminates the potential for miscommunication
    • Proof HQ audit trail integrated with SocialBridge so you can view proof history at any moment
  • Streamline your approval process
    • Integration eliminates the need for multiple logons and allows you to work seamlessly across systems
    • Any updates get syndicated to email allowing for continuous participation, even while away from your desk or the office

The power of SocialBridge

  • Asset management – file sharing, threaded commenting, version history
  • Creative proofing – optimized for use between internal, external and mixed teams
  • Project management – assign tasks, set project deadlines, run reports
  • Social interaction – recent activity streams, status updates
ProofHQ integration and partnership
  • Embedding and linking up with the ProofHQ API is straightforward and well documented
  • ProofHQ provides responsive support and essential business resources

Visit the SocialBridge website to learn more about how it works, view a quick product tour or see what other agencies are accomplishing with the power of cloud-based collaboration.


Social Bridge video