Proofing defaults

Proofing Defaults

In this section you can view and edit the following settings:

  • Default email notification settings (1)
  • Message settings (2)
  • Default proof settings (3)

Default Email Notification Settings

In this section, you can

  • Choose your default email alert (1)
  • Choose the default email alert for new guest reviewers (people who are not Workfront Proof users and who are added to a proof for the first time) (2)
  • Enable Email confirmation when proofs are ready (3)
  • Choose the format of emails sent to you

For more information, see "Email alert options" and "Proof notifications and reminders."


Messages Settings

In this section, you can create and save a template subject (1) and message (2) that appears on the New proof page when you create new proofs.


Default Proof Settings

In this section, you can save your preferred proof settings defaults. These settings show on the New proof page when you create a new proof.

The proof default settings are as follows:

  • Lock proof when all decisions are made (1)
  • Only require one decision (2)
  • Login required (3)
  • Subscription enabled (4)
  • Default role for new guest reviewers (5) - used for people who do not have Workfront Proof accounts and are added to a proof for the first time. If Subscription is enabled on the proof, the same setting will be used for new subscribers.
  • Subscriber validation required (6)
  • Block download of original file (7)
  • My default proof role (8)
  • Print each comment on new page (9)


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