Proofing defaults

Proofing defaults

In this section you can view and edit the following:/p>

  • Default email notification settings (1)
  • Message settings (2)
  • Default proof settings (3)

Default email notification settings

In this section you can:

  • Choose your default email alert (1)
  • Choose the default email alert for new guest reviewers (people who are not Workfront Proof users and who are added to a proof for the first time) (2)
  • Enable Email confirmation when proofs are ready (so Proof Made emails) (3)
  • Choose the format of emails sent to you

Please also see Email alert options and Proof notifications and reminders.


Messages settings

If you find that you are constantly writing the same message when you create new proofs, you will find this function really useful.

Here you can save a template subject (1) and message (2) that will appear on the New proof page when you create new proofs.

(You will be able to edit/delete the default message on the New proof page.)


Default proof settings

In this section you can save your preferred proof settings defaults.

These settings will show on the New proof page when you create a new proof.

he proof default settings are:


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