How to pay?

Available payment methods

We have the following payment options available:
Monthly subscriptions Annual subscriptions
by credit card by credit card
by bank transfer

We do accept checks for the USD payments only

Please see the detailed information on the payment methods and invoicing in the sections below. If you have any questions regarding your billings and payments, please get in touch with our Finance team at

Credit Card

When Credit Card is selected as a payment method, we collect the payments for your online transactions (i.e., upgrades, subscription renewals) automatically, and the paid invoices are sent to the main Billing Administrator and the Billing CC.

We accept Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.


Adding a credit card to your account for the first time

If your account is not on a paid plan yet, you will be asked to enter your Credit Card details on the Billing page with your first online order. See the detailed steps on how to upgrade your account.

If your account is on a paid plan, but you were paying by bank transfer, you can enter your Credit Card details:

  • In the Change payment details pop-up
  • In the Change plan pop-up after selecting the Credit Card as your new payment method for your order

The added card will be used to collect payment for the next transaction.

Updating your credit card

You can update your credit card details at any time and a new card will be used for the next transactions. You can:

  • Enter the new details in the Change payment details pop-up, or 
  • Use the new Credit Card detail in the Change plan pop-up when submitting your upgrade/downgrade online order

The added card will be used to collect payments for the next transactions. 

Learn more on how to update the Credit Card details.

If you have any technical difficulties with updating your Credit Card details, please contact our Support team at

NOTE We process the credit card payments in USD. If your card is in a different currency, some additional fees (e.g., currency exchange) may be applied to the foreign/international transactions. Each bank has its own policy, so please check the details with your credit card provider.

If you have any questions regarding the particular credit card transactions, please contact our Finance team at

Bank transfer

When Bank transfer is selected as a payment method, we issue the invoices for your online transactions (i.e., upgrades, subscription renewals) automatically, and we send these documents to the main Billing Administrator and the Billing CC set on your account. This payment method is available for the annual subscriptions only.

All the details for the Bank transfer are included in the invoices.

For payments in USD by Bank Transfer:

Payment to Workfront, Inc.

Silicon Valley Bank: SIL VLY BK SJ | 3003 Tasman Drive | Santa Clara | CA 95054

Routing & Transit 121140399 | SWIFT SVBKUS6S

Account 3300794570

Payment by mail (USD only)

For Credit of: Workfront, Inc.

Dept CH 16712

Palatine, IL 60055-6712

NOTE The Silicon Valley Bank, as most of the US banks, is not a part of IBAN scheme and for the transfers the SWIFT code should be used. If you have any troubles with making transfers without IBAN please get in touch with your bank - they should be able to advise.

For payments in GBP:

Payment to Ultimate Beneficiary: Workfront, Inc.

Silicon Valley Bank | 41 Lothbury, London, EC2R 7HF

Sort Code 62-10-00 | Account 20109695

IBAN GB13SVBK62100020109695 | Swift Code SVBKGB2L

If you need to set up ProofHQ as your vendor and your accounts team require any additional information for this, please send a request to our Finance team at

Changing payment method

Annual subscriptions

You can switch between the available payment methods at any time, and the requested changes will be applied to your next invoices. See the detailed steps on our Help page

If you want to change the payment method for any of your existing invoices, please get in touch with our Finance team at to discuss.

NOTE You can select a different payment method when upgrading your account, but you cannot select a different subscription length at the same time.

If you want to switch from an annual to a monthly subscription action, do this separately via the Change payment details option or simply click the next payment method name (1) in the "Current plan" section of the Billing page.


Monthly subscriptions

For this subscription length only Credit Card is available as a payment method. If you want to switch to Bank transfer, you will want to change your next subscription length to annual. This can be done by setting your next payment method on the Billing page.

At the next subscription start, the new conditions will be applied and the next invoice will be issued for Bank transfer.

NOTE Payment method change is not available for the upgrades of the monthly subscriptions.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Finance team at

Outstanding invoices

All our invoices issued automatically have seven days payment terms set by default. You will find the exact dates included in your unpaid invoices. If you have any outstanding payments on your account, please contact our Finance team as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions to your service. You can check all your subscription invoices in the Billing History section of the Billing page.

Credit Card payments

We collect all the Credit Card payments automatically with every online transaction (i.e., upgrade and subscription renewal). If it is not possible to process such payment right away, an email is sent to the main Billing Administrator and to the Billing CC.

If a credit card added to your account is being declined it may be because:

  • Expiration date has passed
  • Credit limit has been reached
  • Transaction is blocked by the card provider

In these cases, please update your credit card details or add a new card to your account. If the payments are being blocked due to international nature of the transactions, please get in touch with your credit card provider to authorize these payments.

NOTE Once this is completed, please reach out to our Finance team so they could re-process the payment for you. The paid invoice will be available in the Billing history section right after collecting the payment.

Bank transfers

We issue the invoices automatically upon every transaction, and we send these documents to the main Billing Administrator and to the Billing CC set on the account. All the bank details and payment terms are included in the invoices. 

If you have any outstanding invoices on your account and you know that the payments have already been processed at your end, please send your bank account statement to our Finance team so they can include this information in our records. The invoices will be marked as "Paid" as soon as the payments are received.

If you need to set ProofHQ up as a vendor at your end before processing the payments and you need any additional information from our end, please get in touch with our Finance team so they can assist.

Services invoices

Invoice issues for the additional services (e.g., custom landing pages, Success Start program) are currently not visible in your account. If there are any outstanding payments connected to your account, our Finance team will reach out to the main Billing Administrator (or to an appointed Billing contact) directly to make arrangements. 

For the services invoices the same payment method is set as for the subscriptions. When Credit is selected for payments we process the services payments using the credit card added to your ProofHQ account. When Bank transfer is selected, please process the services invoices similarly to the subscriptions invoices using the bank details included in the invoices.

If you would like to use a different payment method for the services invoices, please reach out to our Finance team to discuss.

Invoices amends

All the invoices are issued with the billing details provided by the users, and it is the users' responsibility to ensure that these details are always correct and up-to-date.

Billing details

If you activate your subscription/upgrade manually via a Sales Order, your billing details (billing address, VAT ID, invoice recipient) are added to your account by the Support team upon activation. If you activate your subscription online via the Billing page, you are asked to enter or confirm your billing details in an order from.

You can update your billing details at any time, and the new data will be included in your next invoice. If you want to update any of the existing invoices:

  • Go to your Billing page and enter/modify your billing details
  • Email our Finance team with invoice numbers and information on what changes should be applied

The Finance team will review your request and send you the updated documents.

Purchase Order number

Your purchase order can be included in the ProofHQ invoices.

  • For future invoices based on the Sales Order, please pass your purchase order number to your Account Executive or Account Manager along with the Signed Sales Order. We will include this data upon issuing your new invoice.
  • For future auto-renewals invoices and all the existing invoices, please send a request with your purchase order number and a ProofHQ invoice number to our Finance team so they could update the documents.

Invoice recipient

We send all the invoices to the main Billing Administrator and the Billing CC set on your account. If you wish to change these recipients, simply edit these fields on the Billing page.

NOTE Only Billing Administrators are available to choose from in the main Billing contact field. So if a person of your choice is not a Billing Administrator you will want to add them to your account with the right permissions or upgrade their current profile first.

Invoice value

We take great care to ensure that all the invoices are issued and calculated correctly. However, if you'd like to discuss any invoices values or charges, please get in touch with our Finance team.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

ProofHQ is a United Kingdom-based company. As such, ProofHQ must collect VAT from all United Kingdom-based customers.

For all the other EU countries and also the non-EU countries where VAT is applied to the electronic services (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa) VAT should be applied to the consumers' orders.

NOTE As all of our customers are businesses therefore we do not apply VAT to the orders from the non-UK customers. However, it is customer's responsibility to supply a valid VAT ID or exemption documentation when placing an order.

To add/modify you VAT ID:

  • Go to your Billing page
  • Click on the VAT ID field to activate editing mode
  • Enter/update your VAT number
  • Click anywhere outside the field to save the changes

Your VAT ID will be visible on the next invoices. If you want to include your VAT number in the existing invoices, please get in touch with our Finance team.

W-8 form

As a United Kingdom-based company, ProofHQ is exempt from withholding taxes in some countries like the United States. If you wish to obtain a copy of our W-8BEN-E form, please contact our Finance team

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