Creating Combined and Multi-Page Proofs

**You can combine multiple files into a single multi-page proof. Or, you can proof a multi-page file.

Creating Combined Proofs 

NOTE This capability is available only on Select and Premium plans.

To combine multiple proofs:

  1. Navigate to the New proof page and add the files you want to combine.
  2. Click the Combine files into a single proof link (1) (this option will appear only after more than one file has been uploaded).
  3. Reorder your files by clicking and dragging them into the desired order. (2) (The order of the files will be the page order of your proof.)
  4. Enter the name for your new combined proof in the field provided. (3) (if you leave this field blank, the proof will be named after the first file. This can be edited later on the Proof details page.)
  5. To remove a single file from the New proof page, hover over the file and click the trash icon which will appear at the right hand side of the line. (4)
  6. To delete all uploaded files at once, click the trash icon at the top of the Upload section. (5)

 Please note:

  • You can combine static files of different types (e.g., PDF, JPG, DOC), up to a total of 2000 pages.
  • You can combine static web captures.
  • You can combine GIF files; however, please note that animated GIFs will be processed as static.
  • You cannot combine AV files, SWF files ,and Interactive web captures.
  • The proof's thumbnail image will be taken from the first page of the proof (See Managing proofs).
  • You can check the names of files that were combined to create the proof on the Proof details page.
  • If download of original files has been enabled on the proof, you will be able to download all the files which have been combined to create the proof as a ZIP file..

Understanding Multi-Page Proofs

When you upload a multi-page file, Workfront Proof automatically converts it into a multi-page proof that you can review by simply browsing the pages in the Proof Viewer using the navigation tools.

Typical multi-page file types are:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel


Find out if this functionality is the same in the Web Proofing Viewer. If it is, tweak the article to reflect this and move it to the Proofing section.

This article last updated on 2018-07-11 18:37:00 UTC