Uploading files

To upload a new file:

  • Go to the New menu (1)
  • Choose Upload file (2)
  • The New file page will appear (see below)


The New file page

The New file page has the following sections:

  • Upload files
  • Share
  • Organize


  • Upload section (1)
    • Select files (2)
    • Add a URL (3)
  • Share section (4)
    • Change owner (5)
    • Add people using their email address (6)
    • Notify people by email (7)
  • Organize section (8)
    • Add the file to a folder (9)
    • Share list of the folder (10)
    • Tag the file (11)
  • Save (12)


Select files

Click on the Select files button to upload a file or drag and drop files into the blue box. Repeat to add as many files as you like - the Select files button will be named Select more files when one or more files have been selected already. The files you upload will appear as individual files in your account, rather than one merged file.

NOTE You can also use the Desktop Uploader to upload files and submit files with a whole folder structure.

Add a URL

Files can also be created from URLs.

To create a file from a URL:

  • Type the URL in the field. (1)To create multiple files in one go, simply add multiple URLs separating them with a space.
  • Click on the green plus icon (2)


  • Add file recipients using their email address (3)
  • Save (4)


People you shared the file with will receive an email with the download link for the file.

If you created multiple files in one go, they will receive one email with a separate download link for each file.


In this section you can share the file with contacts, groups and partners.

You can choose to notify people that a file has been shared with them, or choose to have no notification email sent (the default selection is for an email to be sent). If you do choose to notify people, you can also add a subject and message which will be shown in the email received by the recipient(s) of the file.

Also see Sharing files.


In this section you can:

  • Select a folder to add the file to
  • Create a new folder to add the file to
  • View people the file will be shared with using the link next to the folder name
  • Apply a tag to the file
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