Using Actions on Comments in the Proofing Viewer

Using actions is a simple way to keep track of the results of each comment thread on a proof.

For example, you might set actions of Ignore, Make changes, Request clarification, and Completed to keep track of where you are on each comment thread.

To enable, adjust, and create new actions as an account administrator:

  1. Navigate to Account settings.
  2. Click Settings, then the Actions tab. 

Once actions have been enabled, anyone with edit rights on a proof can set an action on a comment thread.

Please see Proof roles and Profiles and permissions for more information on who has edit rights on a proof).

NOTE Actions on comments are available on Select and Premium plans only.

To add an action to a comment:

  1. Click the arrow to the right of the Save button.
  2. Click Save and set action.
  3. Select the relevant action.
  • The action is added as a reply to the comment thread (4)

Comments can be filtered by action in the sidebar, so you can see which comments have been assigned which action. 

To find out more about filtering comments, please take a look at the Comments help page.

Setting up actions on comments is described in the Actions section of the Settings tab help page.

If you'd like to mark the comments as "Done" or "Actioned," see "Resolving a Comment" in Managing Comments in the Proofing Viewer.

This article last updated on 2018-08-09 19:09:33 UTC